Wednesday, January 12, 2011

     Sup, everyone? Another good day, another good ramble... at least that's the idea. So, without any more stalling, lets do the damn thing.

     So, we talk a little bit about CWT (contrast water therapy) yesterday and alternating hot and cold for our recovery. Well, we're going to talk about hot and cold individually when rehabbing our injuries


     Alright, so when injuries happen inflammation (swelling) may occur. This can compromise circulation, cause pain, and decrease oxygen being delivered to the muscles. So why and how do we use the cold to recover?

     Cryotherapy (cold) is used during the acute injury phase (lasting 2 weeks at most). Cryotherapy will cause vasoconstriction, decrease in pain, less damage to the tissue, and a decrease in metabolic rate (which makes for quicker recovery). Cryotherapy can be used with immersion in cold water, ice massage, and ice packs (10-20 minutes at a time).


     Ok, so now onto Thermotherapy (hot). This is best used in the chronic phase, or the persistent injuries. Thermotherapy will cause accelerate inflammation (its a good thing now), increased blood flow, and increase in cellular metabolic rate (increasing nutrients delivery). Thermotherapy is as simple as sitting in the hot tub, heating packs and a nice hot shower.

     So, the main idea for today (and yesterday) has been recovery. It can be something that we easily overlooks, and just forget about. Take the time and get your body ready for the rigors of the WOD. So keep at it. Rest, train... and do some burpees. Dueces!

3,2,1, GO!

Yesterday;s WOD

Ring Pushups
Alternate movements and do 5 situps at the end of every round.
Time - 9:56
Followed it up with CWT again afterwards... a bit colder today

Paleo Challenge Day 10/30:
Still on the road, trying to stay Paleo. It's tough, it really is, but I'm still making it through.

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