Thursday, January 6, 2011

DB training (not douchebag)

     Hey guys, gals, followers and random readers. Today is another day, and why shouldn't it be? Another chance for us to carpe diem (seize the day). So lets start by seizing this blog post.

Is this the Globo-Gym version of a thruster?

     Well, I thought we have a little chat about the equipment that we use. Not necessarily a piece of equipment that we use everyday, but frequent enough that is a staple in the box. I speak no other than your friendly neighborhood Dumbbell.

It's a thing of beauty

     So, a lot of times we're throwing around the barbell, and chucking the kettlebell about. But, I think the dumbbell is one of the most underused and under appretiated piece of equipment in the gym. I mean, you think regular Fran is tough, try it with dumbbells instead!

     For what we do, the dumbbell is great for exposing then building either left or right sided weakness. When we have a barbell that we're going to clean or put overhead, the stronger side (and all of us generally have one) will compensate for the weaker side. Now if we do either of those movements with dumbbell, the opposing arm will not be able compensate like it was.

     So first, like I said, we're exposing the problem. And continual use over time will lead to strengthening. Maybe that's why people don't like to use dumbbells a whole lot... because (in my experience) they're pretty damn hard! But that's exactly why we should be using them. CrossFit is a Strength and Conditioning program, that's why they tossed out the bicep curls but kept the dumbbells. They are a great way to build strength and power, we just have to be willing to put the work in.

     So, as always, keep trying new things. As Greg Glassman says, "routine is the enemy." Strive to be better in everything you do, and it will pay off boat loads... and do burpees. Till we meet again folks.

CrossFit Games Quebec - WOD 2 Bear Complex/1K Row from Crossfit Chambly on Vimeo.

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's WOD:

Rest Day

Paleo Challenge Day 4/10
Not too bad, first time I got really hungry. But that was also cause I waited to long between snack/meals. Still going Paleo!

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  1. If only everyone's dinner was as good as your paleo last night