Friday, January 28, 2011

A fun run in the mud

     Good morning ya weirdos... ok, that was a little mean. I don't mean to be, just poking a little fun early in the morning. The weekend is almost here, and it'll do you good to get your fill of blog. So, let's press on shall we.

     Well, it has been a fun few days. We've talked a lot about the ideas of how we measure fitness, and what it means to be fit. However, today is something about using you fitness for the greater good.

     It's getting to be that time again. The ground is melting, and the races are about to begin. This is a little specific to the St. Louis area... but I'll let you know anyway. As you can see above, there will soon be a Mud Run benefiting the National MS society. This will be taking place May 7th, 2011, at Harrah's Casino.

     Last year was the inaugural 10k Mud Run, so this year represents its 2nd year... so I can only see this getting better. It's simple you can either compete as individual or as a team in the competitive (limit 5 to a team) or non-competitive (no limit to the team). Listen up, I did this last year, and it was an absolute BLAST! The only reason you shouldn't do this race is if you'll be deployed to some far away country (like me).

     So, are you already hankering for some fun in the mud? Well, there's a team all ready to get going. Jennifer Meinhardt (a rising beast at CF STL) is the team Captain for CrossFit St. Louis. It's quite simple, join the team and raise about 100 dollars per person to enter the race. It's very simple, just send out emails to friends and family and send them to your team's page (use the link above), and they can donate to you for the cause.

     I hope you all are hungry for this race. I'm a little upset that I'm going to miss out this year. But believe you me, I'll be running it in '12. So come on, we work so hard for our fitness, it's time to go out and use it and have some fun. So get running, play in the mud... and do burpees.

The Weight Doesn't Care from Patrick Cummings on Vimeo.

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's WOD:

Rest Day
Yes, I realize the day before was a rest day too. Fact of the matter is, I got busy, and didn't have the time I thought I would. Maybe an extra day of rest will do me good, and I'll be able to hit it hard later.

Paleo Challenge Day 26/30
Paleo pizza... yum yum yum

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