Tuesday, January 11, 2011


     Hey folks! Well, I'm up here in snowy Indiana for a few days for work. But, neither sleet nor snow nor anything else will stop the rambling (unfortunately for you). So that being said...

... dear God

     Alright, so I wanted to bring you something on rest and recovery, because it's such an important topic. Since we are in winter and I am in chilly Indiana, I took advantage of my surroundings at the hotel here. Since it was 25 degrees outside and we had a 70-80 degree pool inside, I figure I'd try a modified "Contrast Water Therapy". It went something like this:

5 rounds:
- 1:00 minute stand outside in 20 degree weather
- 3:00 minutes in 70-80 degree pool

     Maybe not the "smartest" I have ever done, but I'll try anything once. Not only that, but its backed by lots and lots of elite level coaches (Coach Burgener to name one) and supported by the NSCA: "Contrast water therapy was associated with a smaller reduction, and faster restoration, of strength and power."

     Basically, CWT (Contrast Water Therapy) speeds up recovery time without loosing any strength. I tried is yesterday and I feel great today. I'm going to do it again today. Now, I did it a little off. Ideally, you should have an ice bath (roughly 20-30 degrees) and a nearby hot tub or equivalent (100 degrees or more) used to alternate between temperatures. However this can be done as easy as getting in the shower and turning the water as cold as you can manage for a minute, then as hot as you can stand for 3 minutes.

     Yes, it may sounds like I'm asking you to induce some type of torture on yourselves... but I only want to make you stronger. Train hard folks, and I'll see you soon.

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's WOD (hotel style)

3 rounds for time:
- 1/2 mile on bike machine
- 20 dips
- 20 burpees
Time - 12:23
This was then immediately followed by CWT

Paleo Challenge Day 9/10
Hard to stay Paleo on a trip away from home, but I'm managing... it's truly been tough, but I'm still doing good

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