Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ah... rest

     Word up fitness freaks. I'm not calling anyone names... especially since I'm one too. Take it as a compliment to you dedication to fulfilling exercise and diet, coupled with an outstanding community (yes, that sounds more PC). Now before I start using my wonderful orating skills to run for public office, we have some rambles to get to.

     Hey guy, I think we need to talk a little bit about getting stronger. Of course this is everyone's goal to be able to hit a PR, nail a muscle-up or two, or dominate Fran. Honestly, to get better at any of that, rest is going to be key.

     We talk a lot about mental conditioning here on the Frosh Blog. And while it is great to push the body to the limit, it is also just important to listen to that gray matter when it's telling you, "I'm hurting." CrossFit Mainsite suggests the schedule of 3 day on and 1 day off. This is a great model, because it offers us just enough time to keep intensity high and recover. Now, 3-1 may not be right for everyone. If you check the Mainsite you will see that they have some pretty difficult WODs out there, which may need to be scaled. Also, 3-1 is not the end all be all of fitness programming. I'm saying its best to listen to you body and you won't go wrong.

     I know it can be hard, especially for us young folk, to get wrapped up in CrossFit all the time. And having a rest day can feel like wasted training. But rest and recovery is one of the most important things for us to do. If we're not getting an adequate amount of rest we may be over-training our body, and actually regress a little bit. If you just did a WOD that destroyed you, why not use that pain as an indication to take it easy the following day. Instead of WODing maybe just stay home, get some good meals in, plenty of water, and hit an MWOD or two. This way we can come back near 100% and be ready to capitalize on our fitness.

     This is just something for you guys and gals to think about. Treat your body right, and it will treat you right. So eat right, do burpees, train hard.... but don't kill yourself. Till next time, Frosh signing out.

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3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's Strength:

Press (1 rep max)
- 95 lbs
- 115lbs
- 120 lbs
- 125 lbs
- 130 lbs (PR tie)
- 135 lbs (PR)
- 140 lbs (fail)
Very happy with that PR. I've had the early goal of hitting 135 lbs for a while now. Now on to my next goal of bodyweight press! In keeping with trying to listen to my body, I decided to forgo the following WOD and just work on some skills.

Paleo Challenge Day 2/30
Another successful day. This was the first day of Paleo at work, so I took the time to pack a lunch and snack so I would stay Paleo and not go hungry. All is going well, no urge for anything else.

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