Friday, January 7, 2011

Pood... its not just for Russians anymore

     What's up party people? Another day, another dollar (before taxes). We got a bit of winter still nipping at our heels. So stay warm, do CrossFit, and let's get to rambling.

A gift from the Russians

     Alright, so yesterday we talked about the DB (dumbbell), so today we get to talk about the KB (kettlebell). The kettlebell are generally cast iron weights with a handle... and one of the most powerful tools known to fitness.

You too can be this holy and strong

     The Kettlebell is measure in poods (a Russian pound). As funny as it is to say, 1 pood weighs roughly 16 Kg (36 pounds). So when we say to grab a 1 1/2 pood KB, we mean the 53 pounder. Kettlebells today come in weight from 4 pounds to 175 pounds (try swinging that). The Kettlebell can be used from anything from Clean and/or Jerking, Snatching, Deadlifting or Swinging. Today, I'm just hitting you guys up on the swing portion.

     There are two types of swings we focus on in CrossFit. The Russian swing is when you swing the KB to roughly eye level. The American swing is all the way over head. Of these two swing, we'll focus on the American Swing.

     When you swing a kettlebell, like most things we do, we rely on the hips a whole bunch. The drive from the hips will move the weight upward, and its the job of your arms to stay loose and continue to the swing. It is VERY important for our arms and shoulders to stay loose and neutral and the KB swings towards overhead. Having your arms punched out straight will just cause  a longer path of the KB to move, and it will also cause the shoulders in a bad forward position. So again, nice and loose is key. Now when the KB is straight overhead, that is where where we punch the arms out and bring our head through our arms, coming to a nice full extension. The kettlebell will then swing back down, staying close to the body, and... repeat.

     So that's the down and dirty for the poods. I want to make sure I get the ramble out on time, and for your reading enjoyment. Also (for your enjoyment) is a video below, showcasing what we just talked about. So there you have it... Grab a Dumbbell, move a Kettlebell, and do burpees. Till tomorrow!

Kettlebell Swings from Forrest Walden on Vimeo.

3,2,1, GO!

Yesterday's WOD:

Rest Day
This day was supposed to be 1 RM Squats and a following WOD, but with the long days I just wasn't able to make it happen. I'll push it to today.

Paleo Challenge Day 5/10
Good day of Paleo, had to do impromptu salad for lunch on base, but I made it work. Followed it up with a night of Paleo pizza.

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