Saturday, January 22, 2011


     Hey everyone! Are you excited? I know, I am. If you haven't guessed, today marks the 100th ramble of yours truly. Yes, 100 blog posts... I actually have that much on my mind. Or maybe I have that much time on my hands, Either way, here we go.

     Well, what a difference 100 days makes. Technically, it's 102, because there was 2 days in there that I missed, but that's not too bad. Anyway, to celebrate the monumental move from double to triple digits were going to ramble like its 1999.

     In keeping with this milestone, were going to be talking about your milestones and goals. I've tried to call you out before, and ask what your goals are. But, do to the little response, were going to revisit discussion (how original).

     In CrossFit, its hard to say that no one has a goal. I hear it around the box all the time, "I want a pullup", "I want a muscle up", "I want to deadlift over 300". Goals are great to have, it keeps us focused, and makes us train hard. Maybe your goals is just for that day. You may say, "I want to go unbroken on ______ during the WOD." Again, great goal to have!

     Goals may come in form of competition, "I want to finish ahead of him/her." Still good, you're pushing yourself to move faster and more efficiently, and probably making the other person do the same. Goals may be more long term too; like, "by the end of the year I want to do _______ Rx." Also, great thing to shoot for. I believe long term goals are less stressful to a person, and leaves them with plenty of time to get what they want. Because, face it, things don't come right away, we have to work hard at it.

     Lots of different types of goals out there, plenty of things to shoot for. So, it begs the question (again)... what are your goals? Let this be your forum to call yourself out. Keep working hard, catch your breath... and do burpees.

CrossFit Affliction / The Playground Gym from Jorge Cruz on Vimeo.

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's WOD

I just spent some time after teaching class working on my Power Cleans. Nothing for time or weight, just to get the movement in.

Paleo Challenge Day 20/30
Yep, only 10 shorts days to go. I'll start planning my cheat meal here soon. Still eating well, trying to just eat more right now.

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