Monday, January 17, 2011

What is CrossFit?

     Hello again to my loyal follower/viewers, what's the good word? I know you're out there. Looking at the statistics, the Frosh Blog has been viewed over 2,300 times! Now either I'm getting checked out a lot... or there is one person that is really bored.


     Did you see the picture above? Kinda hard to miss, I know. But that begs the question, what is CrossFit? Is it increased work capactity across broad times and modal domains? It is constantly varied, functional movements, executed ar high intensity? Is it moving large loads, long distances, as quickly as possible? Are you CrossFit? Yes, these are the cookie cutter answers you'll find in the journals and Level-1 certifications, but still... its a tough question to answer. What is CrossFit?

     I'm sure many of you have rambled on about CrossFit to people that you know. How do you explain it to them? Do you mention that we do bodyweight/gymnastics movements paired with Olympic and Powerlifting and monostructural events? Do you tell them about kettlebells, pullups, and wallballs? There's a lot to say about our fitness program.

     Do you show your unsuspecting friend your calloused hands, or tell them about your new "PR"? Do you throw around your Fran or Helen times or mention how much your squatting? You could go on and on, and find new things to say each day. Namely, because we're never finished. There's always something else to achieve. I would suggest the best way to define CrossFit, is to do it. In the long run, we all view CrossFit in our own way. Some supplement CrossFit with their sport, for some CrossFit is their sport, for others its a fitness community, and then there are those that come because "a friend told them about it."

     So how do you define such a broad fitness program? What have you told friends and family about your new obsession? I'd like to know. I support my CrossFit shirts with pride, and I am constantly asked, "what is CrossFit." Like I said, the definition varies... so what's yours?

"What good is it to look like Tarzan and play like Jane?"
     - Joh Welborn (CrossFit Football)

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's WOD:

Rest Day

Paleo Challenge Day 15/30
Halfway point... now I'm at the easy half, too


  1. You're right Frosh, there's no easy answer. There's just so much to crossfit and it is so different than any other fitness class. I usually say we focus on functional movements that we do in our everyday lives, along with elements of gymnastics, weight lifting, and "cardio" and vary these movements with every workout so that workouts are different all the time. Sometimes our workouts are very intense and only last about 10 minutes. Other times, we try to keep the intensity up but go for a longer time like maybe 20 minutes. You may find some workouts have rest periods built in or have several different exercises that may take you in the 30-40 minute range. We mix it all up so you don't get bored and your body keeps guessing. And by working out with the variety of exercises and time frames, you start to improve your endurance, stamina and your speed. And you get stronger, and more powerful. And lo and behold you become more flexible, agile, and coordinated. Your balance improves. And before you know it, you are better at the sports you love to play! You hit the tennis ball harder, you can go longer on your bike, and you're moving around the bases with more explosiveness in your softball league. And you actually start looking forward to your workouts at crossfit because they are fun, you're learning new things you never thought you'd learn, and best of all your results are measurable. All good.

  2. Couldn't have said it better myself Leeny!