Sunday, January 2, 2011

     Greetings and salutations. How's the new year been treating you? I know it's only 2 days young, but by now we should have an idea of how the year will treat us. So I hope it kicked off with a bang, and keeps on sailing.

... dear God
     So, today we have another inspiring athlete. The reason I bring these to your attention is I hope that maybe it lights a fire under your own training, and maybe their struggle or overcoming adversity will help you push. I know it helps me.

     Picture above is Russian born, Sergey Istomin, though he wasn't always like you see him today. Sergey was an avid weighlifter before his accident. But one day in 1993, working as an armored car guard, he was thrown out of a ninth story building after failing to give out information of his car's route. As a result his legs were shattered.

     Sergey talked about his life after the accident. He says, "For two years I just survived. I drank, attempted suicide, lived on painkillers. Then I understood the only way to get out of it was to stop pitying myself"

     But, of course, this is an inspirational story. Four years after his attack he was able to climb one of the tallest mountains in Europe. He has won 12 national weighlifting championships. However, in Russia, weightlifting alone will not bring in enough money to live off.

     Sergey struggles to this day. Instead of competing, he is showing off his strengths at parties or convensions. He pushes the limits of his body (which take quite a toll). That's a lot to say about a man that can lift over 200 kg and bend nails and pans (yep... pans). However, his biggest struggle is just day to day.

     Sergey say that, in Russia, many places are not wheelchair accessable. He says, "There are 15 million disabled in the country like me, most of them are just rotting in their apartments because there are no amenities." He goes on to mention that we need to take into consideration for those living with disabilities.

     It's a good message, support your fellow man. What a great thought at the begining of the new year. So keep at it folks, train for life and lend a hand.

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's WOD:

Rest Day

So, apparently the Paleo challenge doesn't start till today (tomorrow from when I;m writting this), so more will come later.

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