Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holiday Planning and Challenge

     Sup yo?... I mean, sup yos? Yea, that sounds much better. Anywho, what better way to spend my working hours than on some good ol' fashion rambles. Sorry I missed yesterday's post. What with working a different shift every day... I was getting some sleep. Seeing as how I've been up since 4 AM... let do the damn thing!

     First of all, thanks Mr. Libbie for your comments yesterday. I need to take that first step and get some work done. Secondly, it's the holiday season (duh) and that poses challenges for our fitness. Many will travel, eat a turducken, and be WAY to busy for small necessities (like bathroom breaks). This begs the question of how do we survive this barage of un-Paleo friendly grub, nippy weather, and busy days? Well, I'm glad you asked.

     The biggest trick to survive the season is acceptance. Accept the fact the we may not be training like we want, or getting to the gym as often as we'd enjoy. Many out there are not Games level athletes, and do not make a living by working out (man, if only). Too many out there have family and jobs that they must juggle on a normal, non-holiday, schedule.

     Once we've accepted, now we need to come up with a plan. You will find that you have a great ally the rest of this year... and that's bodyweight movements. Nothing like throwing down a couplet of pushups and squats while you're in the living room. An AMRAP of situps and burpees doesn't take up any equipment... or barely any room, and will work off part of that gingerbread house you wolfed down

     Are we getting the point? Yes, the holidays are dangerous (besides more than Black Friday). Yes, we can take a step back for X-Mas. But, we can survive. Seeing as how December starts tomorrow... how about we kick the end of the year off with a challenge. Time to bring back the Burpee a Day Challenge!!! Dec 1st = 1 burpee; Dec 2nd = 2 burpees; Dec 31st = 13 Burpees. This is a measly 496 Burpees to bring us into the new year (much better than 16,000). So post below if you're in, come up with a plan... and do burpees (starting tomorrow)!!!

Crossfit Metro 361 - promo from Wigflipa on Vimeo.

3,2,1 GO!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Calling all motivators

     Hey there, once again. Sorry about the miss yesterday. Frankly, I'm suprised that was my only one over the holidays. Though I've been tired, moving constantly, and been tired... the house looks awesome! Let's see if I can bring the ramble to the same shining brilliance.

     So, I've been finding myself falling down a slippery slope when it comes to my training. Yes, it is the time where we have very little time, very little sleep and all that jazz. So what do we do? A weaker man makes excuses for his training. Thoughts like, "I just don't have time" or "I'm too tired" should not be an issue. It's CrossFit, a WOD can take less than 10 minutes

     That's what will get you everytime, is your negative self-talk. It's like talking yourself out of a WOD, and what's the point of that? The plus of CrossFit is the fact that is so time friendly. You can do a bodyweight WOD in the middle of your living room (trust me, I did 108 burpees for time there).

     What we need sometimes is motivation. That could come from a song, a video, a training partner, or whatever... but it needs to be something. We may not need it all the time, but when we're not getting the work we should... that's when it counts.

     Have any of you ever experienced this? Do you have something that fires you right up? Post stories, thoughts, questions and comments down below. Maybe something you throw down there can get me going. So stay positive, find you mojo... and do burpees!

Maybe this will provide motivation

Bob's garage gym from Tim French on Vimeo.

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's Training:

I really wanted to get that challenge WOD in, but instead I hung lights for time... PR

Saturday, November 26, 2011

A quick video

     Hey peoples. Let me tell you, getting things ready for X-mas seems like a WOD all on its own. It may be a strength event, it could be an endurance evemt... either way, it's fairly aerobic. However, here's another WOD... ramble for time!

     I think I'm going to set a PR on rambling today. My morning will be spent hanging Christmas lights before the rain comes (as it is said to supposed to). So, with that being said, I will leave you with a nice video below. Leave comments, wait for tomorrow... and do burpees!

Motivation from Jonathan Heckinger on Vimeo.

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's Training:

Rest Day
It's not that all my days are rest days, I am just literally running around so much I can't do much of anything. I have a challenge WOD to try later, at least I hope to get to it. I'll let you know tomorrow.


Friday, November 25, 2011

Post-WOD (Thanksgiving)

     Hey again all, and how are we feeling? Everyone got their holiday cheer pants on? Yes, as the turkey goes into the fridge and the Christmas trees go up, I'm sure there's enough smiles to fill a box. Now that all that exsesive crabo-load is over, I'm sure others are returning to their boxes as well. Me? I return to family... and the rambles.

     Congrats to all the braved the Black Friday madness. This is the true proving ground of your fitness and mental fortitude... and maybe your limit, like pushing down an old lady to nab that wii. Anyways, we have better things to talk about instead of things that will give you nightmares till New Years.

     There's that good old saying, "You don't get stronger from lifitng, you get stronger by resting from lifting." This mean that Post-WOD time is such a important piece of our training. So what does that mean we should be doing? How about we consider the following:

- Nutrition: Yep, It's meal time. This is actually one of the best times to get in some good food in your belly. Maybe a shake, does the trick. Basically we need to replenish. This includes getting your water in.

- "Stretch": Best time to keep our body nice and limber. You can get on the foam roller and break up some of the lactic acid build up. Also hold you static position and hit that range of motion. Crazy individuals can go home a strike up the ice bath.

- Record/assess: Best time to look at how the WOD went. Was it a PR? Was it a rough battle. This is the time where you can get you log book and write down the WOD and/or Lift. Talk to you coach, see if there's things you can improve on or what went well.

- Smile: We're all here for our journey for fitness. Yea, CF can be painful, it can make us want to punch a puppy. But if we didn't love this stuff, we would never come back. Talk to you fellow athletes, laugh about the pain, and grow the community.

     So there we have it folks, the post-WOD importance (and it is important). I hope you all had an outstanding Turkey Day, and didn't get too beat up trying to get the best deals in the stores. Post thoughts, questions, and comments below. Recover right, train hard... and do burpees!

FitnessLand // OpenCup '11 from свадьбография.рф on Vimeo.

3,2,1 GO!

Rest Day
What they hell do you expect?!... I was shoving my gullet full of turkey and assorted goodies


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gobble Gobble

     Good morning people, and a very Happy Gobble Gobble to all!... that means Happy Thanksgiving. I hope everyone got their WOD in good and hard yesterday, I can imagine that we're all going to be quite un-paleo today. Nothing wrong with that. Though I heard on the radio that the pilgrams had all types of fish and eel at Thanksgiving... how Paleo is that?!

Once again, everything is better with bacon!
     What should today be about? Do you think I should be rambling about CrossFit and training? Maybe I could talk about mental fortitude (like about trying to finish all that turkey)? No, obviously this is a day we give thanks, and what a better way to ramble.

      Family, friends... these are what is important. I know many of us think that CrossFit is the best thing since sliced almonds, but it's our relationships that keep us going. It's the people we surround ourselves with that motivate us. And it's the loved ones that we want to be better for every single day.

     So remember what today is about... togetherness, football and tryptophan. I also ask another important question for the viewing/reading public. What are you thankful for this year? I'm thankful I'm home from deployment and with my family. Post thoughts, questions, comments and holiday wishes below. Remember, enjoy family, eat a lot... and do burpees!

Oktoberfest Obliteration III Trailer 1 from Running Bull Media on Vimeo.

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's Training:


Worked up to 415lbs
- Good Mornings 2 x 12 at 95lbs
- Bicep curls 3 x AMRAP
Before you all throw hate my way, I have a powerlifting meet coming up that has 1RM Curl in it... so I have to


15 minute AMRAP
buy in: Annie
5 135lb Front Squats
10 pushups
Ended up with 8 minutes remaining, and I finished working on my 4th set. I was and still am very upset about this WOD.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Change it up

     Hey ladies and germs (always wanted to say that). It's time for another ridiculous ramble, beyond compare... actually... you have about 250 plus to compare this with (though I doubt you'd want to). Anyway, pardon my abscence, I'll try to make up for it in awesomeness. And by that, I mean make up for the 2 weeks of rambling I've missed.

Strongathlete from James Cheney on Vimeo.

     So, check out the video above. Go ahead, I'l wait...


     ... Done? What did you think? Specifically, do you think something like this is a good idea? Does it give CrossFit a big push by being so virsitile in different sports? Or does it make us look like a lot of fitness nutbags?

     I see this as really cool (and maybe a little nutbaggy). A triathlete 1 week, and a strongman the next?! Obviously he's much better at one than the other. However, I'm highlighting his ability to do two such diverse sports at near the same time! With CF you can do damn near anythying (within reason). We may not be elite competitors outside of CrossFit, however we are competitors.

     How many have you tried something different with just CrossFit as your training? I've done my share of mud runs and obstical races. However, come next month I'll be participating in my first ever Powerlifting competition. Oddly enough this involves no squat, and instead struct curl (you heard me). Still, I'm going to make the most out of it, and I'm sure this will not be my last.

     What about the rest of you? Weigh in on the video above. Give us some personal stories of intrigue. Let's hear your thoughts! Post thoughts, questions and comments below. Don't forget to rejoice!.... the rambles are back and here to stay. So try something new, keep hitting the WOD... and do burpees!

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's WOD:

Rest Day
Been a little tougher to get the WODs in being back at work. However, I have some good stuff planned later today with the Skelly's.


Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy V Day

     Morning everyone. It goes without saying, Happy Veteran's Day! Make sure you thank a Vet, and live your day to the fullist. remeber, there are Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines deployed all around the world fighting terror, building school, and making America safe. So whatever you do today, hit a WOD, clean the house, whatever... do it for those folks.... and do burpees!

RIP Marcus

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's Training:

Rest Day


Wednesday, November 9, 2011


     Hey again people. 3 days in a row, look at me. It's like I'm almost on a normal ramble schedule again... let's hope it holds. Speaking of holding, hold on to your seats because we have a story of a local "Xfit" throwdown. With competition season coming up soon next year, it's time to start thinking about it.

     So, yesterday I had the opportunity to judge at a "X-Fit" competition at the nearyby college. It was so called "X-Fit" because they do not have any affiliation with CrossFit. Par on the course for them making that distinction. Anyway, there was only one WOD:

20 minute AMRAP
1 partner run
1 partner Thruster (95/45)
1 partner Burpee
When the partner finishes the run they move to thrusters, the thruster person moves to the burpees and the burpee person goes for a run.

     This may look familiar, I did this WOD a few days ago with GSkell and Mrs. GSKell with a score of 393 reps. A brutal WOD, in which most of your points came from the burpees. However, you couldn't forget about racking up the thrusters as well.

     Anyway, big shout out to any competitors out there. We saw 5 teams go at it, with team CrossFit Edwardsville taking the prize of spray on tans and highlights (not kidding) with a score of 348. Aside from the final team that had been CrossFitting for a few weeks, every other team had little to no experience with CrossFit, let alone the dreaded thrusters (and burpees). More than once did I hear, as I was judging thrusters, "this CrossFit stuff is no joke!" And even once I heard, "You guys are legit, this stuff is hard!"

     Could the even have been run a little more smoothly, maybe so. But, this is the first step in many to establish an even more solid base of CrossFit here in the Metro East. Competitions like these get people exposed to CrossFit. Many out there came for the tangent Powerlifting competitions (Bench and Deadlift... no squat), but saw some pretty inspiring things right next to them.

     My hope is we can have more throwdowns. Ones with maybe more than one WOD and stand alone CrossFit. Cheers again for the competitiors, and don't stop competiting. Post any thoughts, questions or comments below. Get ready, get set... do burpees!

Wodapalooza: A CrossFit Festival from Warrier Boy Films on Vimeo.

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's Training:

Worked up to a single at 415 lbs
Had plans for a more intricate WOD since I got  some brand new bumpers. However, the rain kept me inside, and the time crunch kept me from actual WODing. Still... nice to have that much weight available at the house.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Manhood Down!

     Morning peeps. How are we feeling? Well, if you're doing the 30 minutes of stretching a day challenge... I would imagine limber. Not too late to jump on that band wagon. As always any time is a good time to jump on the ramble wagon. So let's see what we have today.

     So, this is why stretching is so important. Take a look at a... high volume day for me:

6:30 am WOD
Teams of 3, 20 min AMRAP
- 400m run
- 95lb Thrusters
- Burpees (yah burpees!)
Total Score- 403 reps
We gave the SIUE "X-Fit" event a go that we're going to be judging later today. So when the person is doing a 400m run, another is doing thrusters and another is doing burpees. When the person comes in from the run they go to thrusters, the thruster person goes to burpees, and the burpee person runs. So no rest for 20 minutes... fun fun

Recovery WOD
:60 ice bath
:60 second recover
Since my legs were good and taxed, I wanted to give this a try. Let me tell you... it was great! My legs felt brand new.

Afternoon WOD:
I few sets of squats and light behind the neck jerks, following it up with...

15 minute AMRAP
1 push press at 65% of your bodyweight
1 strict pullup
3 push press at 65% of your bodyweight
3 strict pullups
5 push press at 65% of your bodyweight
5 strict pullups
Rounds 8+6 reps
I thought this would be muscular burner and not tax my lungs. However, with the push press going on, I found myself seriously sucking wind. Great WOD with 3 other great trainers.

Afternoon recovery
30 minutes static stretch and foam roll

Night WOD
108 Burpees, for time
Time - 6:20
So yesterday was my Dad's 54th Birthday, and I challenged him to do his age in burpees and I would do double his age and try to beat his time. He did his in 7:08. So I got him, but not by too much. I really doubt I could do this again next year it sucked! Also, with the first WOD I did, that brought my full day's burpee count to 186.

Author's unfortunate Note: sustained a VERY odd injury during burpees. This could have been because of doing burpees on a rug, in new underwear or also doing them in Pajama bottoms... However... um... little Frosh got a case of the rug burn.

     Ok, uncomfortable silence aside, how does all that sound? I'll tell you... it sounds horrible! I do like some high volume days, but if you're not getting some good recovery in, you can't manage days like this. What about the rest of you? Anyone experiment in high volume training? Really, its a huge test in your recovery. How is everyone's recovery going? Getting that stretch in? Post thoughts, questions or comments below. Recover well, train like you got a pair... and do burpees!!!

CrossFit Quantum: Gettin Huge! from Sparks Photographers on Vimeo.

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's Training:

I just told you!


Monday, November 7, 2011

The challenge

     Morning again everyone. Yea, finally decided to stop slacking (for now) and produce a good ramble for you. Whether it is good or not is totally up to you. Speaking of up to you, today is my Dad's birthday! So everyone go ahead and knock out 20 burpees... 3,2,1 GO!

     Done? No, my Dad is not 20 today, but I wanted you to not tire out too much, and read the rest of the ramble.

     Well folks, today is a little quick discussion on an important subject (like all the rambles). Today, it's all about recovery.

     I know everyone out there is a WOD and heavy squat machine. But sometimes, we need to take a breather. It may feel like you're missing out on training, but believe me, it's all for the best. Many wise men once said, "you don't get stronger from a workout, you get strong from resting from a workout."

     Now I've given hints, tips, proverbs, and what-to-dos about recovery. Anything ranging from a simple foam roll, to and extreme contrast water therapy. Here is my challenge to you: The Static Stretch! Not only is this the title of my summer blockbuster, but it's going to get you moving and feeling better. So, what's the challenge?

     The challenge is to spend 20-30 minute A DAY doing some nice easy static stretching. Here are the rules: Stretching is not to be done before a WOD or immediately after a WOD. Think of this as a stretchy WOD. Some time during your day, maybe even when watching the tube or reading a ramble, spend 20-30 minute in some static positions, stretching out your muscles. You can go head-to-toe, toe-to-head, the world is your oyster. The challenge lasts exactly 7 days, starting from today.

     So, who's coming with me? Post your "I'm in" down below, any questions, comments, critueqes and remarks also welcome. So be mobile, be flexible, and as always... do burpees!!!

Overcome Resistance from Jogo Crossfit Bellingham on Vimeo.

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's Training:

Rest Day
I know, it seems like I never WOD. But I'm doing 3 WODs today, so I think a rest day was appropriate.

Super big shout out to my wife. She beasted up 210lbs on a back squat! I know she'll hit more next time... I better start squating soon, before she catches up to me!!!