Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rx and beyond

     Hey there, glad you decided to stop by. We here at the Frosh Blog (which is just me), are always here to bring you the best in coaching tips, inspiring stories, and mindless rants... lets see which one you get today.

     Well audience, today we're going to talk about the WOD, and what we can do to increase our fitness. Specifically we're going to talk about over Rx. I know there is many that have to scale some WOD, I have to from time to time. Then there is the demographic that will nail Rx every time, which is par for the course. Today, I want to bring into light the idea behind over Rxing WODs.

     Let's say, for sayings sake, that you have a sub 5 minute Fran, or even a sub 3 Fran. First off, you're a beast of a human being, and I'm not going to try to critique that. However, how much farther can you go? Once you're doing Fran unbroken the whole way through, the only thing you can do is go faster... and that will only get you so far. It may be that you should think about over Rxing this WOD.

     If you over Rx a WOD (like Fran), you are getting an entirely different response from that. You're bringing it back to how it first felt. Maybe you'll have to break up reps, or rest more, or you can't hold on to the bar. There's nothing wrong with that at all. But how would you make a WOD like that harder? Simple, you can make the pullups into chest-to-bar pullups, and that may be enough to make it more difficult. How about we increase the weight? I mean, if you're doing a Heavy chest-to-bar Fran... well, Wow!

     Ideally, when people over Rx, go Rx, or scale, we should finish within 3-5 minutes of each other. So if you're a WOD Rx champ and are finishing in half the time as everyone else... why not make it a little harder? Remember, the only difference between training an Olympic Champion and your Grandmother is load and intensity. We are all, for the most part (medical issues pending), going to move the same. But, we may not move the same weight in the same time. So if it comes down to a WOD full of your favorite moves, with nothing to trip you up... why not throw on a weight vest?

     Just think about it guys. I'm not telling everyone to start going above and beyond. Just because you can, doesn't me you should (or have to). All I'm saying, is when your fitness is improving to the point of "firebreather" levels, it might be time to take it up a notch. So grab a bar, move some distances, and as always... do burpees.

"You can't be too good looking, to rich, or too strong."
     - Louie Simmons

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's WOD:

"Get It Done"
60 calorie row
60 deadlifts 135 lbs
60 overhead squats 65 lbs
60 clean slamballs 25 lbs
60 ring dips
Time - 22:39
This WOD was done exactly like it was called... get the reps done, anyway you can, and in any order you want. I knocked out the 60 calrie row right off the bat , then chipped away at the rest of the reps.

Paleo Challenge Day 14/30
Pretty easy at this point... pretty much going on auto pilot.

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