Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mr. Calhoun

     What's up everybody? It's cold, that's what is up! Yes we got hit with a little pile of snow here. But the blog will continue, whether is be rain, shine, snow, hail... or burpees.

     It takes quite a drive to excel in sports. There is dedication to conditioning, rest, recovery, sport specific training... and that's for those with most of their facilities intact. So often, there is an injured man/woman that will excel past even a normal persons expectations. Meet, Heather Calhoun.

     Heather was not born with this disability, his double amputee status was due to injuries he sustain while fighting in Iraq. During his painful rehab in Walter Reed, Heather became involved with the Wounded Warrior program, which sent him in the direction of sit-skiing.

     5 months after his injury, Heather skied for the first time in Alpine Colorado. Quickly falling in love with the sport he moved to Aspen and began serious training for the sport. A fast learner, he placed 2nd then 1st in two events in 2009, and was chosen to be in the skiing team for the 2010 Winter Paralympics.

     His involvement doesn't just stop with sports. Heather was aggressive in helping pass the Wounded Warrior Bill through congress, which financially assists service members and families through the painful process of rehabilitation, sometimes lasting months or years.

     And, maybe the name Heather Calhoun sounds a little familiar to you. Well, NASCAR asked fans to nominate and vote for military members who have performed a selfless act. So, in 2010, races during the Spring at the Richmond International Raceway are called the "Heather Calhoun 400", in his honor.

     So much has been done by a man, that lost so much. Perhaps (and I'd be willing to bet), he focuses on what he has, and not what he has lost. Think what you have are you disposal. Some of the easiest tasks we do may be no problem, but a struggle for someone else. Don't take anything for granted, it's a gift. Keep training, keep dreaming... and never stop the burpees.

Texas State Oly Meet from P3 CrossFit on Vimeo.

3,2,1 GO!

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Winding down on the Paleo, with less than 2 weeks to go. Got to have a very tasty brisket and Paleo Cookies last night. 

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