Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The power of change

     Another day gone and another blog down. Hey everyone! Are you just happy to be living, breathing, and training? I know I sure am. And with that said, it's time for another fun filled and magical ramble (warning: rambles do not actually contain magic)

     Alrighty folks. Today, I just want to have a quick conversation with you. That is, how has CrossFit changed you? I know we go with the obvious answer that it destroyed your prior concept of fitness. I mean, BC (before CrossFit) had you ever done a Snatch or a Turkish Get-up?... I think not.

     But really, I'm asking what, besides the training portion, has CrossFit done to change? Let me give you some personal examples: It got me thinking about the importance of a proper diet. I was in the camp of low fast, skim milk, and plenty of pasta... not so bueno. CF has actually made me a little less awkward in social situations. Lets face it, I'm shy as all get up when I first meet people. With CrossFit I'm being thrown in a WOD with a stranger, and by the time I get done we're already good pals. I mean, CrossFit breads and awesome community, for which I'm so thankful. Lastly, it has made me ready to take on any challenge. Generally, my outlook on life has gotten a hell of a lot more positive. Not that before I was as sad as Eeyore, but now knowing what I can do in CrossFit, any task seems achievable... and I can always say it can't be worse than Fran.

     So, what is your take on this topic? How has CrossFit changed your life? It would be awesome to hear some responses to this, but even if I got you to think about it... I've done my job. Lift weight, move loads... and do burpees. Dueces everyone!

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's Strength/WOD:


Deadlift (1 rep max)
- 365 lbs
- 375 lbs
- 385 lbs
- 395 lbs (PR tie)
- 405 lbs (PR)
- 415 lbs (PR)
- 315 lbs
2 Deadlift PRs over 400 lbs in one day... I'm extremely happy with that! The 415 was a fight, but I was able to stand up with it. I didn't think I could go higher so I just stripped a plate and knocked out one final lift.


For time:
Kettlebell Swings 70 lbs
Box Jumps 24"
-Switch back and forth between exercises and perform 5 GHD situps per round
Time - 8:18
If I situated the kettlebell and the box closer to the GHD, I might have been able to go sub 8. But still, not a bad time I think.

Paleo Challenge Day 3/10
It has been long day, so luckily I've been packed lunches and snacks to make sure I'm still successful. No slip ups, and still feeling good!

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