Monday, January 24, 2011

How fit are you: The Hopper

     Man, it's quite a morning. Woke up late and didn't even get to shave before work. So my "smart" self went to the gas station to get a shaving kit and locked my keys and cell phone and uniform items in my car! *Whew* if this is the best part of my day, I don't want to know the rest. But nothing can stop a ramble. So lets get to the important stuff.

     Well, lets talk a bit about fitness for the next few days. Today, we can talk about "The Hopper". The Hopper is a big bin filled with exercises which you spin around and pick from (think bingo on a large scale). CrossFit, and Greg Glassman, theorize that the person that can perform well at the most are the fittest. What it boils down to is, it doesn't pay to be a specialist. Yes, if you're a strong guy and maybe if 1 RM Deadlift came up you'd kill it, but if it was then followed by 30 muscle ups for time... you may be S.O.L.

     The Hopper can be comprised of anything, anything you can think to put in there. It could be benchmarks like Murph, Grace, Angie or Fran. Maybe you could have some of that functional fitness; like, build a fence, climb a mountain, or push a car. Anything from a 5k run/row to Max Bench Press can be in the hopper.

     Once again, its who performs the best throughout those events are said to be the fittest. Maybe you're not finishing in the top 3 spots all the time, but if you don't have any glaring weaknesses and you finishing near the top... you are one fit puppy.

     Now, it may be a bit hard to find your own hopper and fill it was whatever you can. Rouge Fitness has taken some of the work away for you and created the Hopper Deck. It's 50 plus card filled with cards ranging from Murph to 3 RM Squat. Pick a card, do the WOD... and get fit.

     Anyway, so that's just one way to assess fitness. Tomorrow we'll talk about a few different ways, and some more the next. So keep at it guys. Train hard, beat the hopper... and do burpees (btw the hopper deck does have a card that is "100 burpees for time").

Crossfit Smyrna from Alan Algee on Vimeo.

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's WOD:

Rest Day

Paleo Challenge Day 22/30
8 days till cheat, still not bad holding my own. Can't say too much else, other than I still have the motivation and dedication to finish this.

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