Thursday, February 17, 2011

When you're down...

     Morning folks. Glad you decided to stop by today for your daily heaping pile of ramble. It's fresh and right out of the oven... that kinda sounds weird, and I don't know where I was going with it. Oh well, moving on.

     Alright guys and gals. Not feeling to hot, a little run down, and just not up to 100%. I guess it would be an excellent time to ramble on about that fact right there. I know there's just going to be days where we don't feel up to snuff. Maybe you didn't get enough sleep, Paleo, or recovery. For whatever reason your, a big lumpy pile of ouch. How do you think this effects your training?

     Ok, for one, this will probably set us back while we're feeling a bit like dog squeeze. What you honestly need to do is take the time to heal. Get in some good foods, spend some time on the foam roller and rest your heart out. Yes you may be out for a day or two, but you'll get back soon enough. That's how you want to do it.

     Now, how you don't want to do it... continue to come into the box. I know that is can be tempting to fight through the sick and never miss a WOD, I get that. However, this could do a little more harm than good. Sure, you may be able to battle through the metcon or struggle through a lift, but what do you think that does to your recovery time? That's right, you could stay out of commission for longer than you need. So you need to eat some humble Paleo Pie and just stay home.

     I speak of this because of my situation. The first thing I don't want to do is screw with my training, taking a day or two to perk up is going to benefit in the long run. The last thing I want to do is pass all this on! I can't be getting everyone in the box all sickly, just because I can't refuse the challenge of a WOD. So try to think about your fitness, and realize your health is part of it to. So stay healthy, rest up... and do burpees (once you're better).

SEALFIT Sizzle from Sansom Media on Vimeo.

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's WOD:

Impromptu Rest Day
Wasn't feeling that great, a little run down and sick maybe. So, I decided yesterday I needed to rest. I think it did me a bit of good.

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