Sunday, February 13, 2011


     Well, the deed has been done. Spent most of my day at CrossFit TNT followed by a epic cheat meal. I'm not going to tell you what it was, but it starts with "Pi" and ends with "-zza Hut". Anyway, I'll just ramble on about it in just a bit.

     The day started at about 4 am, and then didn't end for another 12 hours at least. Still it was a blast! I got my ass handed to me, but had a smile all day long... besides the gasping for air every few hours. But, let me give you the breakdown of the WODS

WOD # 1 "Over The Limit"
8 minutes to establish 1 RM Overhead Squat
1 minute to rest/load bad to 115 lbs
1 minute AMRAP 115 lbs Overhead Squats

     So, this was not a big tax on our lungs. Let me tell you though, overhead squats are not my thing. I ended up succeeding with 155 lbs. Now that not be a crazy jump to some people, but it was a 20 lb PR for me... so that's always a plus. I haven't even maxed my OHS since maybe last April, so not to shabby I would say. Then pulled off 8 squats in the 60 seconds I had available, fairly happy with that, even if I was ranked last, it was good for me.

WOD #2 "Heavy Metal"
Squat Clean 115 lbs
Weighted Lunges 115 lbs
Press/Push Press/Push Jerk 115 lbs
*15 minute time cap*

     I'm not going to lie, this one was a brutal test. I did not finish within the alloted time, but then again, many people did not. I got all 21 complete of all, then 15 squat clean (these were done as singles), then with seconds remain I got through all 15 lunges and complete one barbell overhead. Those last set of lunges I would not call a true test of my fitness, rather a true test of my heart. I initially failed the first rep (fell on my knees), but after I got the bar re-situated I went through all 15 lunges. Every step was like a battle against Fran. Everyone in front of me was cheering, and the roar of the crowd kept my chest lifted and reps complete. Not my ideal finished, but I was still able to continue the fight.

WOD #3 "Too Much Tabata"
8 rounds with alternating movements (30 second work, 15 second rest)
Odd rounds: Power Snatch 95 lbs
Even rounds: Burpees

     My issue with this was not the WOD itself, but just preparing for it. After the slaughter of the last WOD I had my work cut out for me for recovery. I spent a lot of time in the warm up area on my foam roller (which I was so thankful I brought) and a trusty lacross ball. Just getting my legs ready for the second half of the day was a battle all in its own. However, once 3-2-1 was sounded I was off. I was hitting those Snatches with ease, at looking at a video later, I kept my back very tight (which I wasn't sure of initially). My Saving Grace became the burpees, never going less than 12 burpees in 30 seconds. With a fist pump for a post-WOD celebration, WOD 3 was complete!

#4 "The Unknown" (chipper)
- Calorie row
- Sumo Deadlift High-Pull 95 lbs
- Kettlebell Swing 53 lbs
- Chest-To-Bar Pullups
- Handstand Pushups
- Wall Balls 20 lbs
- Toes-To-Bar
- kettlebell Ground-To-Overhead 53 lbs
- Press/Push Press 95 lbs
- Calorie row

     Yea... that soudns bad, doesn't it. The kicker about this was we had no idea how long we had at each station. We were given a 10 second warning, then a 3 second countdown. This was rough, but the first time we really got to mess with gymnastics moves (finally!). It was just a crazy WOD, and gaming did not come into play whatsoever. Just go hard and wait till its over. We knew one thing about this, was it was only 10 minutes for this WOD. Oh well, my day was over, and my cheat evening began.

     Well, I hope you all don't mind me talking about myself today. It was an awesome day, and for those that did compete, congrats to you all! Now... I'm going to go hit my MWOD and rest my ass off. So push loads, pull weight... and do burpees.

Below is my last failure at my bodyweight (165 lbs)... so close, but maybe next time

3,2,1 GO!

Yesteday's WODs

... I just told you, come on!


  1. I'm dying for more video! Dude,you're my hero for attacking this competion the way you did. See you Monday.

  2. The next few days will have more videos, not to worry.