Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fun in the cave

     Morning folks. Nothing like having to work on a Sunday. It's a good thing I had a kick ass weekend running around a cave (more on that later). But enough about me, I'm always talking about myself. How are you guys doing? Good? Good to hear it, now lets get rambling.

     Ok... so, running in a cave... good times. Yesterday I participated in the 2011 Crystal City Cave Run, and what a time that was. But, before I go talking about the race, I need to tell you about the journey.

     So, I was making great time on the way to the race. I had to be there by 9am, and it was 8:30 and I was almost there. Cut to "issue #1", I got my first flat tire... in the rain. So with the fun of throwing on a small spare tire I finally went on my way. "Issue #2": got lost... not once, not twice, but 4 times! Alright, so finally arrived at the cave, only to leave once again to get money (had card, but no cash). However... "issue #3"... I found that my wonderful spare tire was going flat as well (awesome).

     Ok, so things started to turn around (for the time being). The race was a lot of fun! Anyone that was considering this race really should have gone. The course was 4 miles, all on sand, filled with obstacles like running through water, jumping over dunes and hurdles and generally not being able to see where you're going... because, it's a cave. I finished in 24:18, which turned out to be a 6:05 mile split. Let me tell you, I'm super happy about that! I haven't ran any "distance" since the Urbanathalon last October, which was 10 miles. So, for only running 400 meters at a time, I think that's a great time to come in with (thanks CrossFit)!

     Alright, the race was over, I had my beers (Paleo I'm sure), and I was ready to start heading back. So my surprise... "issue # 4": My 3rd flat tire of the day!!! So running around Crystal City I quickly found that EVERYONE was closed, except for one auto shop (that only had motorcycle tires). However, at said shop I was pleased to meet Tim. Good ol' Tim drove to my care (to pick up ONE of my flats) and take it to a different auto shop that would have been closed, had Tim not drove there. For a measly 20 bucks I got new/used tire and was able to drive to the nearest gas station, throw some air in the spare, and finally head home!

     Yes, it was an interesting Saturday. One I will not soon forget. Listen, all my issues aside, adventure races (as I guess this would be classified) are a lot of fun. Most of the time you make some great memories, meet some very interesting people, and (believe it or not) get a good bit of work in. So don't let anything stop you, sign up for one as soon as you can. So run lots, jump far... and do burpees (in a cave)

Trail Happens from Patrick Cummings on Vimeo.

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's "WOD"

2011 Crystal City Cave Run (4 miles)
Time - 24:18

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