Friday, February 11, 2011

Set for success

     Hey there everyone. One day prior to competition now. Nerves are kicking in... especially since I just found out what the events will consist of. Best of luck to me for finishing, we'll see what happens. What we don't have to worry about, is another ramble... cause those are always great!

Maybe this will be one of the events

     So, I just want to offer you all a little insight to a very skill heavy movement... the Snatch! Now, we've talked a little bit about this before (hook grip, skill transfer, Buergner Warm-up), but today I just want to touch back on the basics. We're going to talk about nothing this morning but the starting position.


     Notice the stark contrast between the two set ups for such a difficult movement. Who do you think will rock out on this movement? The BAMF on the bottom of course! There is so much to say about just this position alone, but let me highlight some points for you:

  • Feet set underneath hips, weight in the heels, toes slightly out
  • Knees externally rotated 5-15 degrees (depended on length of leg)
  • Lumbar curve intact and tight back with shoulders neutral
  • Shoulders just forward of the bar
  • Head pointed forward with eyes straight

     So what do you think about that? At least your setting up for success, not like the D-Bag shoulder rotated cat above. But this is important, without proper set up for the Snatch, or any lift for that matter, we cannot capitalize on our strength. So pull hard, open your hips... and do burpees.

CrossFit Youngstown from Joe Hardy on Vimeo.

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's WOD

Rest Day
I only get one a week now... I better capitalize on it

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