Thursday, February 10, 2011

The solution

     Hey there, hi there, ho there everyone. Thursday is here, and what better way to great the day than a good ol' steaming pile of... blog

     Alrighty, so did you all see yesterday's blog? At least a few of you did I know. Yesterday I posted a picture of a horrendous squat and asked you what you saw wrong with it. So here it is:

     I'm sure there's a lot you can say about this... but that opportunity was yesterday. Here's what Andy D. had to say:

"The posture of his upper body is out of whack. He needs to bring his chest up straight and keep his head looking straight forward. His shoulders need to be brought up to a better posture which will come with the bringing up of his chest. As for his lower body, his knees are way to far forward. He needs to keep his knees from passing over his toes. He also needs to get the depth by sitting his butt and hips back not forward. His center of weight is not on his heels where it should be. And of course as with most people, he is not deep enough" 

     Well, right you are Andrew! His chest and head are down, and the D-bag shoulders are hindering a strong upper body posture. He's up on his tippy-toes which is playing hell on his knees (which I bet they're even collapsing in) and throwing off his center of gravity. Like I said Andrew... you hit the head of the nail, congrats! So this is what we're looking for:

     Now that looks a lot better. I just want you guys out there to think of these things. Not only being able to spot bad movement, but correct it as well. Self diagnosis is an awesome tool. So keep it up folks. Squat right, move loads... and do burpees.

Crossfit TV spot from zachary lamplugh on Vimeo.

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's Strength/WOD:

1 RM Bench Press - 195 lbs


70 lb Dumbbell Swings
Time - 5:00
 Did this one at the globo-gym, and I felt I should have done this a lot faster. The problem was the pullup bar wasn't a bar, it was pegs coming out of a squat rack. Those just killed my grip, I've never had to break up pullups like I did. Oh well, different equipment will get you different results

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