Wednesday, February 23, 2011


     Hello again my fitness crazy public. Wonderful to see you perving my blog, you must really like me or something. Or maybe... you're just bored. Whatever it is you are, strap yourself in, it's time for another wild ramble.

     So, I got an email a while back from one of my closet viewers: Andrew D. Well, I trained Andy a while back, took him through the 9 foundational movements and released him into the CrossFit wild. I got an email from him which I would like to share with you all.

Hey Frosh!

I am still doing all the crossfit movements and working on making some pretty intense WODs of my own. Nothing like the Aycock or 12 days of christmas though. And I love reading your blog by the way! It's awesome! But I have some quick questions. First off, I am looking at getting into the
paleo diet. What's your opinion with how it has worked for you?

Andrew D

     So me being the outstanding CrossFit coach that I am, I had this to repsond:


Thanks for the Kudos. To answer your question, diet as an uber important part of training, especially sports training. The break down should go like this (pyramid format):

Nutrition->Metabolic Conditioning->Bodyweight/Gymnastics->Weightlifting/Throwing->Sports specific training ( <-Blog post about

So Nutrition, being the base of your pyramid, is very important. Like the 100 words says: eat lean meats, fish, chicken, vegetables, some fruit, nut/berries, no starch, no sugar. Very simple to follow. Ala Paleo you want to try to get natural foods that aren't processed. Ideally, meat should be
farm raised, vegetarian fed, with no hormones or antibiotics... but that gets expensive, so just get the fresh stuff from you butcher that they put out daily (shoot for at least 90% lean meat)

Some other guys have a lot of good stuff on the topic. Check out (lot of good info there), or book-wise you could check out "The Paleo Diet" or "The Paleo Diet for Athletes", both by Dr. Loren Cordain. Another REALLY great book is "The Paleo Solution" by Robb
Wolf. If recipes are a problem he has a 3 month plan in his book... and he knows his stuff.

As far as my experience, it's worked well for me. I don't weigh and measure (though you can for better results), I just each when I went till I am comfortably full. I use it for more for performance than weight loss, and I've seen tremendous gains in strength. It can be a little tough to cut out
bread. A few ways to combat that is to just take a meal a day, and make it Paleo. Breakfast is probably the easiest. My normal breakfast is 4 strips of bacon (uncured with no antibiotics), a few eggs and a bit of fruit. So just take it day by day and eat more Paleo as you go.

I think I've rambled enough on the subject. And, just FYI, this email string is going to be featured on the blog in a few days. Let me know if you need more direction man. Keep on training!


     I believe I have, yet again, sent Andrew on the right path. He's a heck of an athlete, and I'm sure he will go very well. So if you're reading this now, Andrew, how has the Paleo been treating you?

     Anyway, just wanted to share a little bit with you folks, and what is available to you. Also, never be afraid to ask for anything, whether it be from me or any trainer at CrossFit St. Louis... we're hear to help in anyway we can. So ask questions, eat right... and do burpees.

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's WOD:

Rest Day
Ok... probably my last one too


  1. Hey Frosh! So I have been going paleo for about 3 weeeks now. It hasn't been 100% paleo though because I have had to alter my diet for my current needs. For example, it is track season now and as all track athletes know, there is no substitution for the quick energy from pasta that you need in a race. However with that being the sole exception all the rest is paleo. I have noticed a dramatic improvement in energy and mental focus too. It was tough to start out, but once the paleo realm has been opened up, you start to make your own recipes and you really find out how delicious the paleo lifestyle can be. The parts that still prove to be difficult are making sure I am getting enough protein (approx. 220 grams) and enough calories (approx. 3,200). Its not that I can't find it in the food, its the fact that all the fruits and vegetables and protein fill me up so fast that I get full in fewer calories. This could be a huge up side for those trying to lose weight but for my lifestyle it just isn't and option. To fix the problems I have added in a lean protein powder that is 100 whey protein, no other junk in it and throw lots of peanut butter in my lunches and snacks because its the easiest way to pack on calories. Thanks for the great info on the topic Frosh. You have really enabled and inspired me to become the best athlete that I can

  2. Aweseom to hear Andrew! Better suggestion for you on your protein (just to nit pick), sub some Almond Butter for your Peanut Butter... I'm waiting to see if Leeny would chime in, but its a legume, and the Almonds have a lot more good fat for you. Other than that, keep it up man! You'll go far.