Thursday, February 3, 2011

The big 3

     Howdy folks. Still enjoying a chill in Texas (if you can call 7 degrees a "chill"). However, still got to visit CrossFit El Paso yesterday and later today. Excellent facility, and some real animals there. What a great box! Now let's get to it.

     So, since I've had some time to get caught up on my shows, I heard something interesting watching The Biggest Loser. It was something to do with the way we train and it was, "Thought, eating, and exercise... in that order". I like this, cause these are the 3 big things we hit on a lot.

     Thought... why is that important? Well, some good self talk can get you through most anything. When you tell yourself, "I'm ready to destroy this WOD" it's a lot more helpful than, "This WOD is going to suck." But this branches out to the rest our lives. When you get out of bed in the morning are you groaning and dreading the day hitting the snooze button again and again? Or, are you up at the first alarm excited for the day? A lot can change about any situation by just staying positive.

     Eating... I don't know if I have to talk about this too much. We've covered this before, Nutrition is the base of our CrossFit training pyramid (also pictured below). If you're not giving your body good foods on a consistent basis, then we never really capitalize on our training. I like what Mark's Daily Apple says, about the 80/20 rule. Eat good clean Paleo foods about 80% of the time and leave about 20% for those cheat meals, or non-Paleo foods. I like that, because sometimes a glass of milk or a baked potato just hits the spot.

Nutrition... base of the pyramid

     Exercising... This is our obvious one. This is what keeps us coming back to the box for more. The high intensity and constant variance that CrossFit programming provides is second to none. I know I'm always excited to come in and train at something I'm bad at, or just destroy a WOD... or even get destroyed by a WOD. Every day, It's there to challenge my fitness.

     There it is folks, some pretty good stuff to think about. Are you giving these 3 things equal amount of attention? Are you keeping yourself motivated with good self talk? Getting in the right foods? Coming to the box? Just think about it, and keep at it. So stay positive, eat right... and do burpees

Inspirational CrossFit Video from Film Gnomes on Vimeo.

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterdays WOD's

5 rounds for time
1/4 mile run (treadmill)
15 dips
30 situps
Time - 14:57

4 rounds
3:00 minutes in hot tub
1:00 minute in 30 something pool

Teams of two complete couplets for time-reps
/ 100 Double Unders
\ Max pushups - 72
/ 400m row
\ Max Pullups- 60
/ 400m row
\ Max Kettlebell swings 1.5 pood- 50
/ 400m row
\ Max Box Jumps- 72
/ 400m row
\ Max Wallballs- 52
Time - 19:10
Reps - 306
Time-Reps: 14:04

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