Saturday, February 5, 2011

Back on fitness

     Hey there everyone! OK, I just have to say... I'm so glad I left Texas yesterday. I mean, it was about 5 degrees until the day we left, which heated up to 40 degrees. Now I'm back home in the Midwest where it is below 20 with a few inches of snow... I got lucky (do you sense irony?). Anyway, with that out of the way, let's ramble.

     Well folks, I'm not going to lie, today's blog is going to come down to the wire. It's been a long week, with very little sleep (4 hours last night) and crappy food (had to grab some Mexican in Texas). But now that I'm home, its back to Paleo and regimented training. My question is, does anyone else ever run into this?

     We have our off days, or in this case off weeks. Remember a while back when I talked about Sickness, Wellness and Fitness? Well, its the same kind of thing. I've probably been living more in the Wellness realm for the last 5 day than the fitness. Stuff happens, priorities (AKA work) have to get rerouted and we can't do the things we want. What I think is important is that we realize this.

     I'm kinda calling myself out, but that's probably better than lying to you all and saying I did awesome out on the road. So if your fitness lagging behind I think its important to realize that, admit it, and do something about it! I have a 9 week training program that I've written out and will implement on Monday. I have specific goal I'm hoping to achieve and I think I'm on the right track (now that I'm back on it).
     So, this was just to give you a little in-site on my view of my own fitness. Maybe this will get you thinking about your fitness and goals as well. In fact, how about you post some of your goals and even how you intend to achieve them in the comments section. Let the world hear what you want from CrossFit. Anyway, I'll leave you there. So train hard, rest easy... and do burpees.

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Yesterday's WOD

Rest Day
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  1. Frosh, so what are your current goals and program? Mel

  2. Mel,

    I have programmed a 9 week Stength and Conditioning Program, ala Westside Barbell style. This will involve 2 max effort days and 2 dynamic effort days (50-60% 1RM) spread evenly throughout the week.

    The idea is to up my strength, speed, and power while trying to maintain my Metcon. My Metcon my get a little slower, but I'm hoping not too much, as I'm only programming abotu 4 Metcons a week and 3 skill sessions.

    But, if you follow along with my "Yesterday's WOD" section you will see how it all plays together.

    Ah yes, and goals:
    Deadlift - 485 (3x bodyweight)
    Press- 160 (bodyweight)
    Squat- 320 (2x boyweight)
    Bench Press - 250 (just a cool number)