Friday, April 22, 2011

Reports from the sand

     Salam fellow party people (I think that means hello). Yesterday was a bit rough. Nothing like getting acclimated to 100 degree weather on 30 hours without sleep. Not to worry, I have my rest, got some recovery, even lifted and got a WOD in... and did burpees. Man, it's going to be a breeze doing the WOD back in the states. Anywho, what am I doing wasting presciuos time. Let's ramble.

     So, it's brain time again. Yes, the talk that I must come back to all the time... the mental game. Do you have it? I bring this up because I was watching a few videos of athletes talking about the Reebok CrossFit Games Open that is currently going down right now. Now I'm talking about WOD 11.4, which goes as follows:

10 min AMRAP
60 Bar-Facing Burpees
30 Overhead Squats 120 lbs
10 Muscle-Ups

     Pretty terrible looking WOD, huh? Let's be honest, this thing isn't an AMRAP... it's a chipper! A good number of people around the globe completed at least one round, but no one come in with 2 full rounds (close but no cigar anyway). Now how can you say there's not a mental game. I mean what person isn't looking at this and saying "*explitive*, this looks hard!" Now when we start to think about, and game WOD, try not to point out what is going to suck (which is everything). Instead, how about what is the good that you can see. For me, I'm going to peek at this and say, "alright, I can't wait for the muscle-ups". Someone out there may be tickled pink by the Squats, cause they know they're going to rock it. So some people might have nothing in the wheelhouse for this WOD. How about thinking, "It's only a 10 minute AMRAP"

     When you start to dread WODs, then you're letting yourself get defeated before the 3,2,1 GO even happens. Get excited, get amped out, get ready to *&% some WOD up!!! is the WOD Fran? Think to yourself that you're going to send that menacing bitch to hell, where she belongs! CrossFit is fun, that's why a lot of people come back day in and day out... why get wrapped around the negatives?

     I think there is a HUGE mental component to CrossFit, obviously. Of course being strong as 5 horses and fast as a pack of gazelles doesn't hurt either. I'll take the words of the epically strong Louie Simmons, "You can have a million dollar body, but if you have a 10 cent mind you're going nowhere." Think happy thoughts, get after it... and do burpees.

OPERATOR | A SICFIT Production from SICFIT on Vimeo.

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's WOD
Rest Day

Day 7 Burpee Challenge / 28 Burpees Total
They're quickly adding up


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