Friday, April 29, 2011

CrossFit: it's for everyone

     Greeting people. Well, you couldn't help yourself, you just couldn't stay away, you had to read my blog... hell, I can't blame you. Another day to learn is another day to improve. And that's what we here at the Rambles of a Frosh aim for. So, let's get to it.

     So, I know this has been CrossFit Mainsite fodder, but I'll jump on the band wagon. Actually, today I'm talking about jumping on the bandwagon. Check out Thursday's post (the 28th), and you'll see a video link for a clip of Charles Barkley getting ripped on for doing CrossFit. Now they weren't making fun of him for doing it, they were making fun of him cause he was getting his ass handed to him... like we usually do anytime we walk into the box.

     However, we've been seeing a lot more people get the word of CrossFit out to the masses. The movie 300 was a big seller, because people were saying that they were using CrossFit to get in shape (when in fact they were using Gym Jones, a CrossFit knock off). So CrossFit is growing from the humble garage sport to huge 10,000 square foot boxes around the country. Now, is all this a good thing? Is CrossFit going away from what it used to be?

     I believe it is a great thing! I mean, CrossFit is for everybody, why do we need to hide that fact. It's cool that were getting insanely stronger, faster and fitter from this unknown program. But, are we going to stop getting fitter because people know about it now? Hell no! I think CrossFit is creating a generation of people that are taking control of their fitness. It has people making goals and actually thinking about how they are going to achieve them... and it's given me a chance to ramble on about fitness. Seriously, CrossFit changed my life.

     But, I'm just single man (married man that is). What does everyone else think? Are you embracing the change of CrossFit reaching the masses? Are you pissed that too many people are clogging up our secret club? Or do you generally not even worry about it? It'd be great to hear some opinions on the matter. But least I forget: get strong, get fast... and do burpees.

Crossfit muscle up rings play time.... from yvangt on Vimeo.

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's WOD:

"Dumbell Fran"
DB Thrusters
Time- 7:56
This was exactly 2 minutes slower than my normal Fran. swapping the bar for the DB really makes a huge difference!

Day 14 Burpee Challenge / 105 Burpees Total
Triple digit total... what what!!!



  1. How is Gym Jones a Crossfit 'knock off'?

    Compound movements, olympic lifting, throwing, rowing, kettlebells, gymanstics, and circuit training have been around forever.

    Crossfit is fantastic, but it didn't invent anything new.

  2. Looking back at this, I can undstand that "knock off" is probably a bad word to use.

    Yes, Mark Twight trained at the original CF box. I don't know all history, but it seems there is some bad blood out there. But being an outsider I can't comment, and it would be wrong of me to do so.

    What I do think IS funny is most people attribute the 300 "bods" to CrossFit, though it was Mark Twight and Gym Jones that worked with those folks.

    I've watched videos and clips from Gym Jones. The proof is in the pudding, and he does an outstanding job with his athletes.

    back to your other point, CrossFit isn't inventing new movements, and everything has been around for a long long time. However, I know I never would have attempted things like the Oly lifts, work on the rings, etc. It's not that CF invented something new, it just brought sound training to the masses.

    Thanks for the comments!