Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Does the belt match my purse?

     Greetings all! Another report from the desert. And, you know what's sad? When you use the bathroom and start sweating because it's so hot in there. Then you step out into 90 degree weather and feel cooled down. I donno, maybe it's just me... but that seems wrong. So whatever your weather is, enjoy it. Ok, complaining over with, lets ramble

     Alrighty fitness folks. I have another great ramble in store for you. This time we are talking about belting it up. That's right, we're talking about weightlifting belts. Now I'm not going to get too crazy into Olympic weight belt vs. Powerlifting weight belt... that will be for another day. But, instead, what are you getting or loosing from a weightlifting belt, and what's the true purpose.

     First off, why and when do we need to use a belt? First off, there is some misconceptions about the belt. Most people will say it is specifically for you lower back. True, wearing a belt will give your body to become more aware of its position. However, the main purpose is to increase Intra-abdominal pressure (IAP). Increased IAP will add stability to your spine when performing lifting. We usually achieve increased IAP by holding our breath and contracting our abdominal, but to a point of maximal weight, that may not be enough... which is wear a weight belt comes in. Think of a weight belt as an additional set of abs, and providing that extra amount of stabilization to the spine.

     So, we just gave some pointers of when I why you should wear a belt. But why shouldn't you use a belt, and what are the cons of it? Well, you shouldn't begin your weightlifting career being added by the use of a belt. The fact of the matter is, you haven't reached your true potential of maximal weights... you just don't need it. Now, let's say you are a weightlifting God, and you are the top of the top. Should you still always wear a belt? I would say, not all the time. Wearing a belt, like I said, is like having another set of abs. When you rely on a belt to move the weight, then the strength of your abdominals may actually decrease. If you choose to wear one, then extra work must be done to ensure you are focusing on keeping the midsection strong.

     There you have it... a quick look into belts. I believe that they should be used with care and caution. However, knowing is half the battle (GI JOE!!!). In future posts were going to breaking down the difference between the Olympic style and Powelifting style of weight belt. But for now, I'm just being general. So due your homework, stay on top of it... and do burpees.

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's WOD:

WOD 11.5 (kinda)
12 min AMRAP
- 9 155 lb Deadlift
- 12 Hand-release Pushups
- 15 24" Box Jumps
Rounds - 7 rounds + 9 Deadlifts
Apparently it was supposed to be 15 minutes instead of 12. I think I could have finished the 8th round. I was pretty good about form though, so I'm happy with that.

Day 5 Burpee Challenge / 15 Burpees Total


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  1. I think you'll be able to add on to this subject after your birthday! :-)