Sunday, April 3, 2011


     Hey all! Ok, maybe I should have explained the "weekend" posts a little better. So we still train on Saturday, it wasn't as long of a day. Still, just shooting weapons and learning stuff I've already learned. Anyway, that means that the Sunday and Monday posts are going to be chocked full of CrossFit goodness. The rest of the days are going to be a little short due to the limited rest and recovery period available... at least for the time being. So, lets get to it!

     You'll notice today's blog title (or if you didn't, notice it now). No, I didn't misspell KTE, it is CTE: "Core to Extremity". Have you heard this term before? I don't believe we've covered any rambles on this before, and if we have... if so, let's touch on it some more.

     So the CTE is used to explain how we produce the power needed to move the weight. Of course, we will generate the most power from our core and hips (which explains why we're such hip whores) and then the least amount of power at our extremities. Let's use the Power Clean as an example.

     So we are bringing the bar to our hips and there is a violent upward opening of the hips. I know I've said this before (heard it from coach B), "when the arms bend, the power ends". So now that are hips are fully opened are shoulders should naturally shrug (so how we're moving away from the core?). After the shrug we will finally bend our arms enough to get our elbows around the bar and catch it in a roughly quarter squat position.

     See how that works? The force that generates power should start in the most powerfully place in our bodies. The core is an amazing weight mover, and it is our job to capitalize on that fact. And this goes for most other moves that we do: kettlebell swings, overhead movements, the snatch, etc. So have a buddy watch your movements or listen to your coach to make sure you are sound. You'll be able to get much more done if you become much more efficient. Check out today's video for a good example of CTE. That's it then folks. Use your hips, load the bar... and do burpees.

CrossFit Thrusters from Darryl Pierce on Vimeo.
3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's WOD

Rest Day
It was the end of the week, but I think it all caught up to me in the end. I'll have a good WOD later today, but I definitely needed to rest of for it

By the way folks, the 180 day burpee challenge is coming up soon. I'd say about 2 weeks to go. I will let you all know when the exact day will be as soon as possible, but look for the bottom of the ramble for a count for the day and also total number of burpees thus far. To answer a question... yes, if you do some burpees in a daily WOD those will count. Let's get pumped up guys! Burpee time is almost upon us!


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