Monday, April 25, 2011

Burpee count

     Greeting from 100 degree weather! Seriously, I thought firebreather was just a figure of speech... I guess not. Anyway, I told you yesterday I was excited to see proper deadlifting at the base gym. Today was an uninspiring horribly formed deadlift and squating in the Smith Machine. Oh well, They'll get it right one of these times. On to better things, I have adequate amount of sleep in me, so let the rambling continue!!!

     Day 9 on the burpees today! Say goodbye to single digits. But this begs the questions, who's doing this thing anyway? I think I know of a couple of guys and/or gals that are keeping up. So throw your hands in the air... because you need to do that to complete the burpee. I'm calling everyone out, who's in right now? If you just missed the start date you're more than welcome to join in now, just do the total number of burpees and you're good to go. So do burpees, do burpees... and do burpees.

Workout at Outlier CrossFit San Diego, California. from Adam Stevenson on Vimeo.

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's WOD:

Rest Day

Day 10 Burpee Challenge / 55 Burpees completed
Looks like yesterdays ramble decided not to post, so we are at 10 as of the 25th



  1. Since I refuse to do the burpee challenge rx, Ethan will make up for the slack. I've done my "requirement" to date (tho i wait til every few days and just do a bunch) and Ethan is doing 10/day. He's three, what more do you want? :-)

    ps.. He's been deadlifting the kettlebell.

  2. Alright, team Frosh on the burpee challenge!

  3. Hah. I guess that IS the whole Team Frosh.

  4. I got you Frosh. Burpees all day everyday!

  5. Awesome. I know there's more than that... but awesome!