Saturday, December 11, 2010

Strength 3/10

     Hey again there everyone! Its another day. Its about 8 in the morning and my beautiful day is filled with pouring rain, thunder, and lightning... ah, feels like home. Anyway, I hope you guys have been following along as we continue to talk about the CrossFit's 10 General Physical Skills.

     So, today is our little discussion on something called: Strength. If you don't think being strong will help you in CrossFit, and in life.... well, you're just not strong enough yet. Now, we're not talking about looking like the chump in the picture above, not at all. Again, lets gander at CrossFit's definition: "The ability of a muscular unit, or combination of muscular units, to apply force."

     So, this mean what exactly? Pretty simple, its our bodies ability to apply force. Now, that force can be: pulling, pushing, lifting, dragging, throwing, or you name it. We want you strong, that's the name of the game. Strong enough to deadlift over bodyweight, Strong enough to squat the world, and strong enough to play around with you kids.

     How do we get stronger? By being able to apply more force. If I just deadlifted 135 lbs, and then a lift 185 lbs, I just applied more force to that bar to move that weight. We did have a little discussion about force production a while back if you remember (Scaling IS an option). To get stronger we must train at heavier loads, and it will all transfer over to make us a bigger and badder CrossFitter. So move some heavy stuff around and I'll talk to you soon.

3,2,1 GO!


Yesterday's Strength/WOD


Bench Press 5/3/1 week 1
150 lbs x 5 (75%)
160 lbs x 5 (80%)
170 lbs x 5 (85%)


21 Deadlift #225
5 Press/Push Press/Push Jerk/Split Jerk #95
15 Deadlift #225
9 Deadlift #225
Time - 8:00

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