Thursday, December 2, 2010

Strange things

     Hello again loyal reader and creepers. It's another day in the world of Frosh. And let me tell you, Frosh is a little confused (yes, I refer to myself is third person). With all the fads and gimmicks out there its hard to know what the truth is anymore.

     Ok, so what am I talking about? Well the other day I heard something interesting on the radio. I'm paraphrasing, but it went something like this, "Did you know women over 40 have to workout an hour to day just to maintain their weight?!" ... what sense did that make? Really, I'm trying to figure it out! I mean, an hour long AMRAP of as many "Frans" as possible just doesn't sound safe! Of course, this was a radio commercial about selling "health" smoothies (yeah right). I'm sure you've heard some odd things about health and fitness. I know I have, how about these:

  • Don't squat so low, it's bad for your knees (we know this to be the opposite)
  • Diet soda is better for you (so the extra large value meal with a diet sprite is good?)
  • Woman shouldn't lift heavy (... weights are sexist?)
  • High rep light weight to "tone" and low rep high weight to "bulk up" (changing your diet works a lot better)
  • I'd bulk up to much if I did CrossFit (did you see the women at the CF Games?)
  • Frosh is a jerk (this is fitness myth 101)

     You get what I'm saying. It's hard to know whats actually sound advice nowadays. Just because some trainer tells you its right, doesn't make it so... even me, though I do try to research everything I tell you about, and make sure I'm not screwing you up to much. So why don't you all speak up and throw out some head-scratchers that you've heard. I'm eagerly awaiting some responses

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's WOD:

Rest Day

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