Friday, December 3, 2010

Bad Day

     Hey again everyone out there in good ol' Internet-Land. Another beautifully chilly day here, I guess... I don't know. I write most of these blogs the night before. Don't hate! I want to make sure my rambles are ready for the public... I'm doing it for you guys.

and you should be too

     I had a bit of a epiphany the other day (it means realization... I had to look it up too). What does it mean to have a bad day in the gym? Or better yet, how should I react to a bad day of training. I had two stark differences is Thursdays WOD and Tuesdays WOD. Tuesday, I was going to max out my squat and do an AMRAP. I had high hopes to set a PR, and get a bunch of rounds in. Cue and epic fail on the Squat and an ass-kicking AMRAP that like me on the floor like a piece of chewed up bubble gum. I didn't even finish my squats I was feeling so bad, I thought if I continued I may get hurt... definitely not something I want to do.

     So now, there's Thursday. Super happy to set a PR on my press (as show below), and the WOD went really well. I felt I was moving well, and resting very little. I walked out of the gym feeling great! Did I walk away from Tuesday's session feeling like garbage? Not one bit. Got my ass handed to me, but I left feeling good. And that's a tough thing to do sometimes.

     I know we've all had days like that. Not hitting a PR on a lift when you thought you should. Moving slow through movements that you usually destroy. These things do happen. And, as hard as it may be sometimes, we need to not let these things get to us. I didn't PR my squat, am I now less fit? Not a chance. Bad days are bound to happen, you may fail on a rep during a WOD. This is when you really have to get mentally tough and tell yourself, "it's jsut one rep, I'll get the next one." That's one big thing that we preach in CrossFit, being physically and mentally tough.

     Who am I going to think more highly of: the stud that complains before, during, and after the WOD? Or the athlete that may usually finish last, but gives it everything they got? Let me tell you, in my mind, the first person has already defeated themselves before the work has even started. The second person that continues to push even though other CrossFitters are making sweat angels on the ground, they've won... not matter how long it took them.

     Its ok to fail, its ok to have a bad day. If you never had either of those, you're not pushing yourself to your limits. So when days like this come up, keep your head held high and know that you did the work.

3,2,1 GO!


Yesterday's Strength/WOD:

- 95
- 105
- 115
- 120
- 125 (PR tie)
- 130 (PR)
- 135 (f)
Very happy with that PR, my press has really not been moving. So it's good to see I'm making improvements


7 rounds for time
7 pullups
7 1-arm DB snatch #45 (7 each arm)
7 squat jumps w/ #45 BB
Time - 10:41
that was a gasser. Did this at my base gym, got some weird stares during. I felt really good about this day.

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