Thursday, December 23, 2010

Listen to your body

     Only a few more shopping days till Boxing Day everyone... and Christmas (for those who follow). Not going to slow down on the rambles, I mean... why would I? But seriously, I hope you all are taking advantage of spending time with friends and family. And I'm glad you still decided to let the Frosh Blog keep you company.

I believe this is known as the recovery position

     Well folks, its time to talk again about a very important part of our training... and that's rest and recovery. Very often its easy to get sucked into the idea that "more is better". Trust me, I have to take a step back from my own training and remind myself that (unsuccessfully sometimes). This is why the CrossFit Mainsite prescription is three days on and one day off. It is very hard to hold workouts at 100% intensity, hell just the three days is hard enough, why should we try to kill ourselves? But lets talk really quick about how we can take care of ourselves.


     I would almost call nutrition our #1 way to recovery... almost... at least its really damn important. We are always trying to sell peeps on the Paleo diet, and the wonders that it brings to our fitness. But when we talk about nutrition as a recovery tool, I'm talking about the Post-Workout (PWO) meal. For about 1/2 hour after our WOD our bodies reach a state of enhanced insulin sensitivity. This mean the nutrients from our yummy Paleo PWO meals are transported to the cell without the use of insulin. So taking in protein and some fruit, yams, or other Paleo-like carbs would be optimal at this point, adding in our recovery.


     If anyone remembers, we had a long a boring conversation about sleep a while back (Stop hitting snooze... get some real sleep). The fact of the matter is quite simple, lack of sleep results in a lack of energy throughout the day. And I'm pretty sure we're going to need some energy for the WOD. To tie this in with nutrition, if we do not get enough sleep we will not be digesting and absorbing our food normally. Sp get those 8-10 hours in, it will help you out in the long run.

     So, there's just 2 quick fixes in the world of recovery. Believe you me, this is a topic that could fill the Frosh Blog for a month... though I think you all would get very tired of me harping on this. So just take these words to heart, and see if it can help you (I bet it will). Basically, the most important thing to do is listen to your body. Take for instance, yesterday I was supposed to have a strength lift and a WOD, but I had felt really beat from the 2 days prior. I decided it would benefit me greater is I took an impromptu rest day, spend sometime on the foam roller, and be ready to come back recovered and destroy the WOD! Listen to your body folks... and it will listen to you.

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's WOD

Rest Day

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