Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas (take that PC nation!!!)

     Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you're enjoying time with friends and family. Are you spending part of your Christmas with the Frosh Blog? That's great and all, but what the hell is wrong with you? You really don't have better things to do... it's Christmas!

     Well, we're going to keep it short. I have things to do, you have things to do. Let's keep it short and let you get back to your unwrapping. But hey, while you're at it, why not get a burpee in or two... couldn't hurt. See you all again soon.

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's Strength/WOD


Press 5/3/1 Week 3
95 lbs x 5 (75%)
110 lbs x 3 (85%)
125 lbs x 1 (95%)
That was a tough one today


135 lb Power Clean
Ring pushups
Time - 10:08
If I would have limited my transition time I would have gone sub 10... oh well

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