Sunday, December 19, 2010

A good ol' fashion ramble

     *Whew* for the last 10 days we've been discussing the 10 General Physical Skill of CrossFit. I hope it hasn't been too dry for you folks... heck, it might have even helped! Now, why don't we get back some good ol' Froshtastic ramble... it feels good to be back.

     Ok, so I'm going to bring up the team/box environment. Usually I have to WOD on my own which is a pro and a con. The pro/con (yes both... I'll explain) is I get to program my own stuff. The pro is that, if you do it right, you can really work on what you what you want. By that I mean you can really focus on training your weaknesses or getting stronger. The con is the exact same thing... you do your own programming. So whether its conscious or sub-conscious, its very easy to do things your good at. No one wants to put themselves through hell with movements that destroy them.

     I really try to put things in my WODs that I'm not good at. Usually I'll have some movements in there I will destroy and pair them with at least one thing I really suck at. I mean you can't just an entire WOD of "goats"... that would suck!

Oh, Overhead Squats... how I hate you

     But, that's not what this ramble is about. Ah yes, it was about the team environment. Saturday's I usually WOD with the group from CrossFit St. Louis. I can't tell you how much fun that is... just to be able to share the pain. It seems that the Saturday morning's are longer burners. Hell, you can see below that it took over 20 minutes to do. And I believe if I did this WOD on my own it would have been closer to half an hour.

     Being able to go head to head during a WOD with other athletes just pushes you so much more than you can push on your own. When you want to rest you see others moving, and that just motivates me to get back to work! Not only that, being able to cheer on others with their struggle helps. It helps the other person mid-WOD to keep on going and helps you create camaraderie within the gym.

     So enjoy the pain and suffering we get to endure together. It will make us stronger, healthier and closer. Cause in the end, it's all towards one goal... creating and army of fitness-ahaolics... ok, maybe not the last part.

"You can have a million doll body but a ten cent mind... and your done."
     - Louie Simmons

3,2,1 GO!    

Yesterday's WOD

Got to WOD with the good folks of CrossFit St. Louis

"12 Days of Christmas"
1 Burpee Broad Jump (6 feet)
2 Deck Squats
3 Parallete Pass-throughs
4 Pullups
5 Hand-to-Hand Russian Kettlebell Swings #53
6 Jump Squats
7 Knee-to-Elbows
8 Slam Balls #25
9 Ring Rows
10 Box Jumps 24"
11 Dumbbell Thrusters #40
12 Dumbbell Cleans #40
Time - 24:11
The last 2 rounds were nothing if not a small slice of hell. The whole time all I was trying to do was stay in front of Kevin. We finished within 9 seconds of each other.

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