Wednesday, December 29, 2010


     I try to get out, but they keep on pulling me back in (Godfather reference)! Hello again fitness freaks, it is time, as always, for another ramble by yours truly. It's great that you keep coming back to perv what I have written... I honestly feel blessed.

Does this count as functional?
     Alright, so last night's WOD got a little thought brewing in my head. Yesterday we knocked out a little Hero WOD known as "Erin". This little number goes as follows:

5 rounds for time
- 15 Split Cleans with 40 lb dumbbells
- 21 pullups

     Sounds like a little slice of death doesn't it. Well, I think Hero WODs are supposed to feel like that. Erin is a gladiator from the Great White North (Canada), and he is a true patriot to behold. If you don't believe me check him out (Erin Doyle). We have a whole list of Hero WODs to choose from. And since I care so much about these guys, here are all of the Hero WODs to date:

          Jeff Taylor AKA JT                         
          Michael McGreevy AKA Michael
          Michael Murphy AKA Michael        
          Daniel Crabtree AKA Daniel
          Joshua Hager AKA Josh                 
          Mark Carter AKA Badger
          Joshua Whitaker AKA Joshie       
          Nathan Hardy AKA Nate
          Randy Simmons AKA Randy         
          Thomas Valentine AKA Tommy V
          Travis Griffin AKA Griff
          Ryan Hummert AKA Ryan
          Erin Doyle AKA Erin
          Joshua Thomas Harris AKA Mr. Joshua
          Timothy Davis AKA DT
          Daniel Sakai AKA Danny
          Daniel Hanse AKA Hansen
          Tyler Parten AKA Tyler
          Victims of the Fort Hood attack AKA Lumberjack 20
          Stephen Bouzane AKA Stephen
          Garrett Lawton AKA Garrett
          Warren Frank AKA War Frank
          Ryan McGhee AKA Mcghee
          Paul J.R.D. Sciullo II AKA Paul
          Jerry Patton AKA Jerry
          Andrew Nuttall AKA Nutts
          Arnoldo Quinones AKA Arnie
          7 CIA officers killed in suicide bomber attack AKA The Seven
          Robert J. Cottle AKA RJ
          Ronald Luce AKA Luce
          Michael E. Johnson AKA Johnson
          Michael C. Roy AKA Roy
          Adam Lee Brown AKA AdamBrown
          Keith Adam Coe AKA Coe
          Severin Summers AKA Severin
          Joseph D. Helton AKA Helton
          Jack M. Martin III AKA Jack
          Forrest N. Leamon AKA Forrest
          Nicholas Bulger AKA Bulger
          Timothy Q. Brenton AKA Brenton
          David Blake McLendon AKA Blake
          Collin Trent Thomas AKA Collin
          David J. Thompson AKA Thomas
          Dan Whitten AKA Whitten
          Brandon Barrett AKA Bull

     Not a single name listed above is with us any more. Each one was either in the  military, law enforcement or fire fighter community. CrossFit has dedicated hardcore workout for each of these individuals... and that's what makes these WODs so special. Yes, they are very difficult, and very humbling to complete. Bit think about this anytime you approach a Hero WOD... you are doing a WOD named after someone who gave his life for God and Country. When you reach the dark and evil parts of the WOD, remember who you are doing this for. Take time to learn of his story, and why we remember him. Take a step back, check you ego at the door, and perform the WOD in memory of the fallen... no matter how long it takes you to complete.

     Hero WODs are meant to be painful. They are meant to challenge you both mentally and physically. They are here to remind us that there are brave men and women out there to answer our nations call. Here's to them... may they rest in piece.

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's WOD

"Filthy Fifty"
50 Box Jumps 24"
50 Jumping Pullups
50 Kettlebell Swings 1 pood
50 Walking Lunges
50 Knees to Elbows
50 Push Press 45 lbs
50 Back Extensions
50 Wall Balls 20 lbs
50 Burpees
50 Double Unders
Time - 19:39
This was a PR that I was very pleased with. I got off the Back Extensions at about 11 minutes, the Wall Balls really ate up my time, but the Burpees even more. I did all 50 Burpees unbroken, which was more of a mental challenge than anything. Again... very happy with this PR!

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