Tuesday, September 27, 2011


    Sup peoples? As you know, I am preparing for a return trip to the states. Now, I can't exactly tell you when I will be arriving in the states. Let's just say it rhymes with Socktober Thirst (get it?). Anyway, I can't let the rambles stop just because I'm running around willy nilly trying to get things done... well, maybe in a couple days, but were not there yet. let's do this thing.

     So, check out the video below. With as many Paleo friendly items as possible, its some wonderful chocolate bacon!... I'm sure it's dark chocolate:

Chocolate Covered Bacon Strips from CrossFit Hoboken on Vimeo.

     What do you guys think? For those Paleo followers out there, what is your favorite dish? Do you have a meal that you could eat every day? One of my favorite is Paleo Spaghetti (and maybe my wife's too). I make my own sauce, let it simmer for a few hours. And, instead of pasta I use Spaghetti Squash... you can hardly tell the difference. So post your favorites, eat clean... and do burpees!

Potomac CrossFit - Fight Gone Bad 6 from Potomac Crossfit on Vimeo.

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's Training:

5/3/1 Program
110lbs x 3
115lbs x 3
120lbs x 4

Day 166 Burpee Challenge / 13739 Burpees Completed


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