Wednesday, September 28, 2011


     Morning everyone (please don't hurt me for no video today). I'm stuck at work. Well, not so much stuck... more running aroudn like crazy getting everything done to GTFO!!! And, if you don't know what that means, ask you parents... or an older brother. Anyway, let's talk shop.

     So, I sat through a WTW today (that's the Warrior Transition Workshop). It's another check-in the box to get me home. But then the briefer said something that just stuck in my ear, so I figured I'd let you all. "Sacrifice". What does something like that mean? Did I sacrifice by being deployed out here? Maybe so. Did my wife sacrifice by staying behind, being strong and taking care of things in my absence? Most definitely.

     Sacrifice comes in all forms and fashion, that's a given. How do you deal with that sacrifice? Do you turn that to anger? Well, that's probably not healthy. What about turning sacrifice into a positive? Doesn't sacrifing make you stronger? Unless you're sacrificing strength... you get what I'm saying.

     This is something that we can think about and put into practice in our everyday lives. It's something that we can put into use at the box. Every done a Hero WOD? That's a workout all about sacrifice. We sacrifice our time just for a WOD, and usually that is a positive and self-affirming event.

     It's time for your input. In the box, out of the box, what have you sacrificed? And, how did you respond to that sacrifice? Love to hear stories, montras, or ways you survive. So post below, stay positive... and do burpees!

"If you spell definately with an A, then you are definitely an A-hole!"
     - The Oatmeal

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's Training:

Work up to Heavy Power Clean
After dropping 185lbs on my legs 4 times I finally got it! Just did not have it today, but it was mostly form. I know I wasn't going to full extention, and 185lbs is right where things get spicy for me... just stuff I have to work on.

5 Broad Jumps
Didn't measure, the first 3 jumps I kept landing farther. Jump 4 and 5 were my farthest, and about the same

100 Wallballs
Didn't do this for time, I did it for sets. This is how it turned out
1-36     37-60     61-85     86-100

Day 167 Burpee Challenge / 13906 Burpees Completed
Can't wait for this to be over


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