Friday, September 9, 2011

No co-pay here

     Hey everyone. Just a reminder, only 2 days till the 150 burpees for time... holy crap I'm not looking forward to that. It's like Karen... but with burpees (and that sounds horrible). Anyway, beyond all that, it's another opportunity to ramble.

Is that still Paleo?
     I want to bring up something that we use a lot in CrossFit, and that is Rx'd WODs. No, we're not in the business of handing out seeing patients (though we can make you healthier). Rxing a WOD means you are doing it without scaling the movement, load or reps. If you do it as written, then KABOOM!... Rx

     However, we may not all start as superstuds on our CF journey. For many Rx is just not in the cards right off the bat. It's something we work and strive for... but not something we should sprint to. What do I mean by that? I mean, chuck your ego out the door like a vegitarian at a steakhouse.

     Again there is no set amount of time you must CrossFit to hit 99.99% of your WOD as Rx. No one will think less or more of you if this journey takes you 6 weeks, 6 months or 4 scores. Not only that, you have to strive to move your body and the weight faster with sound mechanics and form. I mean, we're doing this for our health not to always cross the finsh line first with snot draining our nose and wheezing like you're paying for every breath you take (though sometimes... we can't help ourselves).

     Listen, be patient but be agressive and you will see results in your health, fitness, body and CrossFit prescription. No one finishes a marathon by sprinting the whole thing. Post thoughts to comments, achieve greatness... and do burpees!

"A perfectly safe exercise is a perfectly USELESS exercise"
     - Louie Simmons


Yesterday's Training:

Rest Day
An impromtu killer headache made sure of that

Day 148 Burpee Challenge / 10904


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