Sunday, September 25, 2011


     Howdy friends... and enemies (if you're out there). Days are counting down here in the desert. Soon I'll go from 120 degree weather to 60 degree weather (I think I'm going to freeze). But, whether I'm battling the heat, the cold, or the WOD the Rambles must go on. So let's not waste our time.

     So, today's topic has to do with some Olympic movements. Sepcifcally about the receiving position. Even more specifically receiving the bar in a split... and even more specifically, dealing with the Split Clean and the Split Snatch (not the Split Jerk).

A little old school, wouldn't you say?

     Now, you will no longer see top competitors use the Split Clean or Split Snatch. Long ago it evolved into a catch into the full squat position, because that was the way to add pounds to a lift. You will see this is some of the Master's lifters use them (or the Geezers as Coach B calls them), but not many healthy young lifter (aside from Josh Everett). We'll get into that later. First, how about the meat and Paleo potatoes.

     The Split Clean or Split Snatch is not unlike the Power Clean or Power Snatch. Similarly, the bar will be caught much higher than in a full squat position. However, differing is the amount of foot work, and (for the snatch) the amount of time in the Third Pull. The First Pull (ground to mid-thigh) and Second Pull (mid-thigh to hips) are essentially the same. For the Third Pull (pulling body underneath the bar) the feet shoot out into a split receiving position (not unlike the Split Jerk). The depth of the Split Clean/Snatch can depend on the amount of weight on the bar or current injuries. When you recover from a Split Clean/Snatch your back first comes forward a foot lengths, then bring your forward foot back (just like recovering from a Split Jerk). Of course the amount of steps you take depends on how far our you... split.

     So, let's talk about why. Why would anyone perfer the Split Clean/Snatch? As I said before, many Master's lifers may perfer this  because of persistant injuries. For both movements this is a good work around for anyone with considerable hip and ankle flexibility. Because the torso is much more veritcal in this Split Snatch, this also helps those with shoulder and thorasic spine mobility issues.

     It's not all about medical work arounds though. You may see this performed by collegiate football players more than collegiate weightlifters. The amount of foot work while dealing with signiticant weight can greatly increase athletic performance.

     So there you have it folks: The Split Clean and the Split Snatch. Of course we did not hit on anything super specific and technical. Consult quality coaches (I think I may be one) before attempting something like this. Post any questions, comments or concerns down below. Keep at it, lift weight... and do burpees!
3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's Training:

5/3/1 Program
Back Squats
205lbs x 5
220lbs x 5
235lbs x 6
Well, 235 x 5 was my old PR, so at least I bumped it up one extra rep. Don't know if I could have managed a 7th... but hey, it's still progress

20 min AMRAP (score for UNBROKEN Double Unders Completed)
5 Double Unders (add 5 each round)
8 Burpee Pushups
Double Unders - 65
So, I got this one off of OPT's blog. This was a good test of doing double unders while tired. You can't move on untill you go UNBROKEN on your double unders. Case and point, on my round of 45 I missed at 43... so I had to start that count over (which sucks). I'd suggest this WOD, lot of fun... and Burpee Pushups just plain sucked!

Day 164 Burpee Challenge / 13408 Burpees Completed



  1. Honey....add your burpees up again. :)you're off by about 3000

  2. haha, I guess I got ahead of myself (fixed now). Contrary to popular belief... there is such thing as too many burpees.

    Greg- This is a very fun WOD, and great to work your DU skills, but those burpee pushups throw you for a loop! Wish I didn't rest so much and I might have gotten 70. Best of luck if you give this a go!

  3. You got me here on this WOD, buddy. I had 1:20 left on the clock when I came up to the set of 65 double-unders. I rested until there was 1:05 left..... and started the doubles. I felt good, but made some mistake and tripped up on rep 21! Running out of time quickly, I restarted.... and messed up on rep #20. That was pretty much lights out. I didn't have time to get 65 unbroken.

    I definitely noted how this WOD motivated a high level of virtuosity on the 2XUs. I've never worked so hard to NOT miss any reps!