Thursday, September 29, 2011

Let's Go Shopping

     Hey all. Days... hell... hours to go at this point. Soon I will be cutting my temperature in half! I might just be a little chilly. But it'll be great to be back. However, the finish line is in sight, but I'm still in the desert. Which still means I owe you a Ramble. Group participation on this one... is requested.

     So, I've seen this question posted on the CrossFit Mainsite a few times now. The question is, if you had $300 dollars to furnish a home gym, what would you spend it on? This has been answered by even Coach B. So, how would you spend it?

     For me? Well, let's see what we can come up with:

- Pullup Bar (door mounted) - $20
- Barbell (found on a Craigslist for this price) - $40
- Olympic Rings - $50
- 2 x 40lb Dumbell (Craigslist usually around .50 per pound) - $40
- 2 x 45lb plates (my Craigslist Price) - $35
- 2 x 25lb plates - $20
- 1 x 55lb Dumbell (for swinging) - $25
- Big Ass Tire - you can find for FREE (and use for box jumps)
- 16 lb Sledgehammer $20
- Jump Rope $10
- 40 bucks left... spend it on 2.5 - 10lb plates (very cheap on Craigslist)

     There you have it. Exactly 300 dollars, and I think that's a pretty decent amount of things you can do. Ok, so it's missing a squat rack. Easy to fashion a ghetto squat rack with some boxes. Get creative and you can still Forge Elite Fitness.

     There is so much out there that we don't even have to throw hard earned cash at! Picking up and throwing around rocks, simple. How about just filling up a wheelbarrow with water for pushing around? Excelent tool for using coordination to move an awkward and constantly shifting load. Look arouind, these tools are all around you.

     But that's me. What would you do? I don't expect in depth answers with prices like mine. But, with 300 bucks, what do you think would be first on your shopping list? Give me some ideas on what you would spring for. So keep training, make it work... and do burpees.

"I am not a vegetarian because I love animals; I am a vegetarian because I hate plants."
     A. Whitney Brown

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's Training:


5/3/1 Program
355lbs x 3 (this was supposed to be 340... oops)
365lbs x 3 (still 5lbs over)
380lbs x 5 (finally got the right weight)

Dips 4 x 13


3 rounds (not for time)
3 x Press incresing weight per round (100lbs - 110lbs - 120lbs)
AMRAP Strict Pullups (12 - 10 - 10)
Row 250m at an 80% pace (roughly 2:00 split)
Rest 2 minutes between rounds

Rested 5 minutes then...

3 rounds (still not for time)
3 x Push Press, increasing weight per round (140lbs - 150lbs - 160lbs)
AMRAP Strict Pullups (10 - 10 - 10)
Run 200m at 80% pace (wasn't sure of distance, but did a good run for about a minute)
Rest 2 minutes between rounds

Rested 3 minutes then...

120 seconds in Front Leaning Rest (pushup position)
Very tough cash out, more than I imagined. Focused on keep core tight and a straight plank

Along with the Wendler Program, for strength, I'm following OPT's WOD. I really enjoy his programming. I like how he throws rest in there so you can hit each round hard. I'm going to try to follow this as best I can when I get back. If I want to do my own WOD, I will. Just keeping it fun, trying new things, and making progress

Day 168 Burpee Challenge / 14074 Burpee Completed
I really can't wait for this to be over... I think I said that yesterday too


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  1. Hard to top your list, my man. I guess an Eleiko bar wouldn't make the cut. Which, by the way, 26 has one. I had to do a few C & J's with it to see if there's really much of a difference and...well, I think I wept slightly out of angelic joy.