Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Competition... again

     Hey party peeps! Got back for an ardeous trip to lush Afghanistan. Nothing like a 24 hours day right off the bat, a 40+ hour day at the end, and waiting at a flight terminal for 14 hours... mobility be damned, aparently. Anywya, I'm here again, so lets ramble away!

     So, on this last trip, I got a little bored. Of course, I was thinking about the CrossFit Games coming up, and how everyone is going to stack up. So, I put on my "nerd pants" and tried to find a somewhat accurate representation of what we might see at the CrossFit Games... only 10 days away! So, I took all the results from the Regionals competition from the athletes and teams going to the games, re-ranked everyone, and came up with some pretty interesting data. Let's look at the top 5 for each:


1st - Dan Bailey (36 points)
2nd - Ben Smith (52 points)
3rd - Austin Malleolo (59 points)
4th - Joshua Bridges (62 points)
5th - Jason Khalipa (76 points)

     So, the Men's data actually reflected the Regional ranking very well. There was only ONE shift, and it was in the South East. When re-ranking was factored in Brandon Phillips would have finished 1st instead of 3rd. Besides that, everyone's ranking stayed the exact same. Odd to note, the only one without a #1 World Wide finish was Ben Smith. Everyone else had a world record finish. Bailey (WOD 1 AND WOD 6), Malleolo (WOD 3), Bridges (WOD 4), and Khalipa (WOD 2). Neal Maddox (who finished 16th) had 1st on WOD 5.


1st - Annie Thorisdottir (30 Points)
2nd - Smanatha Briggs (49 points)
3rd - Michelle Kinney (58 points)
4th - Becky Conzelman (74 points)
5th - Stacy Tovar (80 points)

     The re-ranking that happened here was rampant! Hell, well over half of the regionals have a different ranking when we add everyone together. For this top 5 it's interesting to note that only Annie (WOD 3 AND WOD 6) and Becky (WOD 1) came away with the world records for the regional WODs.


1st - CrossFit Invictus (24 points)
2nd - CrossFit New England (34 points)
3rd - Front Range CrossFit (51 points)
4th - Brick CrossFit (57 points)
5th - CrossFit Omaha (76 points)

     Once again, shifting in the leaderboards were all over the place. Even though teams like TJ's Gym had a HUGE win on WOD 2, with 475 lbs, they were not consistent enough to sit in the top spot (though they did have a respectable 8th place finish). Once again, only CrossFit Invictus (WOD 1 AND WOD 6) and Front Range CrossFit (WOD 3) had world record times in the top 5.

     So, there you have it folks, the top athletes and teams, ranked against each other. Do you think this will hold true to the Games? I don't think so. Let's look at some issues. Weather was a HUGE factor. South Central only had 2 athletes finish the 100's workout, and only 2 men completed Amanda! The heat was brutal down in Texas. What about NorCal and the South East? The pouring rain destroyed some people.

     Weather aside, how about other factors? I think the competition brought out some big finishes. Toamas Vanio, from Europe, only placed 10th. Now, I think if Mikko was out there, being chased, we would have seen some faster finishes.

     Lastly, I think we're going to see a lot of changes because we don't have data on everyone. Remember, Mikko, Spealler, Chan, Holmberg and Froning did not compete, or competed on their team. That's the TOP 5 from last year! We don't know where either of these legitimate contenders would stack up. For the women both Foucher and Clever completed on their teams, so where they would stack up, we don't know... though we do know that little ol' Kris Clever tied Annie on the thruster ladder at 175 lbs! Even for the team CrossFit Fort Vancouver isn't out there, and this hugely consistent team edged out CrossFit New England last year.

     There you have it folks. Even with the data this years Games are impossible to predict... but are going to be EPIC to watch. If anyone wants a copy of the spreadsheet I made just let me know in the comments with your email address. And while you're there, let me know what you think of the rough data. Do you think this will predict the Games? I mean, Open Finish or Regional Finish... it all comes down to one weekend. So get excited, get ready... and do burpees!

"Suffering is a choice."
     - Ryan Moody

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's Training:

Double Unders
Time - 6:20
I don't know if this was a PR or not, I'm not sure. It didn't feel like it, because I tripped up 4 times on the double unders. Had I got those I would have been a lot closed to 6 flat. Oh well, next time.

Also, getting ready to start Wendler's 5/3/1 program. So 6 weeks from now... I hope to have some new PR's. Here's where I stand:

Squat - 275 lbs (hopefully hitting 300 at the end)
Deadlift - 435 lbs (450 is the goal)
Bench Press - 200 lbs (shoting fior 225)
Push Press - 180 lbs (instead of Shoulder Press I'm going with Push Press... also, shooting for 200)

Day 95 Burpee Challenge / 4560 Burpees Completed



  1. Articulation of the Wendler program would be cool. I have no idea how to interpret 5's followed by 3's followed by 1's in the same workout. Are these working sets, or are some of them warm-ups? Laurie was talking about "Coach Rut" yesterday at the box, too. I don't know who this is, but will find out tonight with a little googling.

  2. I've written about this program a few times, here was the latest:

    I do warm-up sets however I need. Like I started with 180 lbs for my first set of squats. So, I moved the bar a few times, then #95, then #135, then made the jump to #180 to start the work.

    I also had my watch with me and made sure to rest 3-5 minutes between sets of 5's, and 90 seconds between my 50% effort (You'll see it explained more on tomorrow's training post).

    I don't knoe too too much about Coach Rut, but I know he''s a S&C Coach, I never really found out too much either. Keep me posted on that.