Sunday, July 10, 2011

Top 3

     Like I said yesterday folks... the CrossFit Games are almost here! I'm uber excited for this epic battle to go down. As the time gets closer and closer, more pundits will cast their vote on who's going to take away the title: "Fittest on Earth." So, time to throw my picks out there... and see what sticks:

Men's Podium
     1st - Rich Froning Jr.: It's tough to think this guy won't be on top. I hate to point it out... but if he could have climbed a rope he would have had it. I think it's his year to stand on top.
     2nd - Matt Chan:  I think this guy is just a powerhouse. He's super strong with a 255lb Snatch and a 335lb Clean and Jerk. Reports are saying Matt has been working all year at his weakness... gymnastics. I think if he can clean this he can be on there, and consistency among everything will get him there.
     3rd - Graham Holmberg: Poor guy, he wins the 2010 Games and he's still an underdog. I don't know if he'll make it to the top, but I see him making it to the podioum. We haven't seen much of him this year, but reports say that he is coming to clean house... question is, will he do it? I think he's going to do really well... just don't know if it'll be a repeat performance.
    There's some many people that I want to do well, but above is my pick on the podioum. I'm going to say right now, Dan Bailey will not be there. I know the guy is destroying thing... but I don't know if he can pull it off. Looking at the regionals some guys are just as strong as him, but with less of his weknesses (not saying that there's much).

Women's Podium:
     1st - Kristen Clever: I think this girl is unbeatable. Many think it's Annie's year, but I think Kris' VERY few weaknesses are less glaring than Annie. I think we're going to see the first back to back champ right here!
     2nd - Annie Thorisdottir: I don't know that anyone aside from Kristen is going to beat this gal. However, I think her gymnastics will keep her from #1.
     3rd - Camille Leblanc Bazinett: I think Camille is going to be one of the few girls that can get close to Annie. Looking at the Regionals she actually beat her in a few WODs... I think she's making the jump to the podioum this year.
     The gals competition is really starting to get fierce. Last year it seemed it was between Kristen and Annie, and 3rd was the only thing up for grabs. Honestly, the girls are catching up... it's really going to start to be close.

Team Podium
     1st - CrossFit Invictus: These guys did dominate the regional. Just by the numbers they beat CrossFit New England in a few WODs. However, they weren't competing right next to each other... so the Games could be a different story.
     2nd - CrossFit New England: Just look at the girls on this team! Heather Bergeron AND HQ's own EC?! Hold crap Batman, that's some super strong chicks right there. This is actually really tough for me to put them in 2nd. I think they will make it to the podium again this year. Just please be careful when supplements you're taking this year... don't lose your place again by taking some Jack'd 3D or something.
     3rd - CrossFit Valley Park: How can I not throw some props to our resident St. Louis team. One, I've seen them in action just in the local throwdowns and they're always animals. Dan Thacker and Jake Howard are not human. Second, they cleaned up at this year's regional. They're ready for the podoium

     Ok, that's the picks for me. What about you guys? You don't have to rank them, or even go into explaination like I did... but I would LOVE to hear what you think. Andrew, calling you out on this one. I hear through the grapevine you're going to this year's Games (lucky!). So we have to hear your picks, you'll be there in person! Ok guys, keep at it, always be better... and do burpees

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's Training:

Rest/Recovery Day (+ handstand practice)

Day 86 Burpee Challenge / 3741 Burpees Total



  1. You heard correctly! And before I give my opinion for the games, I want to say I visited your home gym at CrossFit St. Louis and I loved it. Awesome people, facility and trainer. And as I was resting between front squat sets, I could not help but notice your double unders. You absolutely killed them! Anyways, here is my take on the games.

    Man- This is a tough one for me, but I think Chris Spealler has it all. He may not have the size or strength as some of the guys like Matt Chan, but he has the endurance and speed that Matt Chan does not. Anything Metcon will be his for the taking.

    Women- No doubt Kristen Clever can destroy any and every movement, but for her close second I think Julie Foucher can really give her a run for her money but strength will be her demise.

    Teams- This is an easy one for me. TJ's gym. They are right across the bay from me back home and they have the biggest machine in the world of CrossFit. Danny Nichols. Not only is he freakishly strong with a 325# thruster, but this guy can move. Strap a sled on him and he will blow away any sprinter still. My trainer Kara back home trained with him in San Rafael for a few years and has told me stories about him and his crazy feats. He is encouraged to go individual next year, but being the big teddy bear team player he is, he probably will not.If he does, then put my life's savings on him to be the fittest man on earth. CrossFit Invictus I have visted in my search of a CF gym to join in san diego for college, and they are really good and have a stacked team, but I think TJ's gym will come out on top.

  2. Thanks man! It was hard for me not to keep Chris off the podium. Really pulling for him though. I mean, all in all... huge Rob Orlando fan, but I doubt he'll make it to the podium. I also think that we're going to be suprised by Austin Malleolo again. Top 5, I think is safe... Podium? I don't know.

    Again, for the women... I'm a Christy Phillps and Ashley Moe fan. Those girls are legit. I think Christy has a better shot at the podium, btu time will tell.

    Team, believe me, I wanted to put TJ's Gym on there. But then again, look at CrossFit Fort Vancouver. All of there athletes were really good. No super standouts, but really good. And last year, I saw them absolutely wipe the rest of the competition up. So a well rounded team is going to claim the title.

    I like the pics though. All very good stuff!

    Only 17 days till WOD #1 is announced... and 19 Days till the Games!

  3. Are you bouncing in your chair Michael??

  4. It's tough to call anything now though because I just have a feeling that the games are going to have some WOD's and movements that are going to be crazy and catch all the athletes off guard

  5. Miko. I mean is this conversation really going on? Did you see what he did to Holmberg during his visit to the Rogue training center? It was kinda sad how he handled him in everything they did. Lots of people in the games that we don't get to see much of their training, so seeing lots of Miko's stuff could bias me. All I'm saying is that he didn't know how to climb a rope either. Or do dubs. Miko's lived off three-a-day training before he had hair around his nips. That said, I'm a huge Orlando and Spealler fan. Not really a Miko fan. The dude just scares me more than anyone else.

  6. My picks...

    1) Rich Froning Jr. No weaknesses. Strong as ten men his size, and the engine of a space shuttle. Performs under pressure, and consistently. Amazes me how many people overlook him.

    2) Mikko Salo. Same as Froning, except that Froning has some special finesse to finish just a little faster, just often enough.

    3) Graham Holmberg. He has that extra "go" to push just a little more than the rest of us, and perhaps more importantly, he seems to recover faster than everyone else (aside from Froning and Salo). Case in point, the Pyramid Helen to overhead combo. No way in hell he should have beat Spealler on Pyramid Helen, and no way he should have thrown up more than almost everyone AFTER beating Spealler. He's a contradiction to every weakness he should have as a 190# athlete.

    It's hard not to pick Spealler, Malleolo, Bailey and Chan. I really admire Speal and Malleolo, and I've met Chan: he is a scary-intense dude by nature. But as much as I like these guys, they all have at least one weakness, and that's all it'll take to keep them from the top 3.