Saturday, July 9, 2011


     Hey folks, Frosh here again. Sorry I've been off and on on the Rambles. Its been hectic at work, trying to plan further trips, and getting information for people... its sucks being important. Ok, I'm not that important, but it has been hectic anyway. So, let's get a Ramble in.

     So, I found myself watching Fearless in my room last night, which is of course a subtitled movie, with none other than Jet Li. There was a quote that I saw on there I HAD to write down so I could talk about this today. It is as follow:

"through competition we discover ourselves"

     When I saw that I really tried to think about what that meant, and what it says to me. I've been in 3 competitions in CrossFit to date. The first I was there on a team, the second two was as an individual. Loved the team competition, but I'm really driven by the individual competition. That and when I see the workouts I just want to be a part of them all. I digress.

     In every competition I've thrown my hat into I've walked away with a greater understanding of myself... that and being absolutely thrashed. Obviously I walk out seeing multiple chinks in my armor, which I feel sometimes is made of plastic. But being able to lay everything on the line and throw everything you have on the floor, I feel almost... enlightened... almost as if I find more about myself through competing. Not only do I walk away knowing weaknesses, but I walk away knowing my strengths. And sometimes that strength is just that will to compete... and that's a HUGE one.

     If you've never competed before, I would most definitely reccomend it. It doesn't matter whether you're first or last (my usual finishing spot). It's like the quote says, "It's what you do that defines you." Let me tell you, and some of you have seen this; I've seen the last place competitor (myself included) be cheered for louder than the person that finishes first. And in my case, I know I was able to perform better than I would ever do at my box. Not saying against anything about those I train with, but it's a completely different environment with almost 100 people there cheering for you to lift the ^%$!ing bar!

     So, with the ever approaching CrossFit Games at the end of this month, I'll be talking a lot about competitions. So it's time for my viewing and reading public to pipe up. Have you even been to or competed in a competition before (CrossFit or not)? What did you see, do or feel while you were there? Let the comments come flying in, and hear what you have to say. As always, stay sharp, be strong... and do burpees!

CrossFit Raleigh-Long from Tyler Northrup on Vimeo.

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's Training:

"On the minute"
Every minute perform 2 Power Cleans at 80-85% 1RM for 15 minutes
*If you don't complete both within the minute 5 Burpee penalty*
This was take from yesterday's WOD on CrossFit Football. Now that my PC 1RM is 200 lbs I was foaming at the mouth to give this a try. I did 160lbs (80%) without any misses. This WOD was suprisingly tough, and didn't give you a lot of recovery time between sets. I would recommend giving this WOD a try (Libbie).

Day 85 Burpee Challenge / 3655 Burpees Total
15 days till the 100 Burpees test... get ready folks



  1. I know you're ready for our competition! :) And btw babe, I love that pic;) Who took it??