Sunday, July 24, 2011


     Morning everyone! 100 days! I hope you all do your burpees. That's right, today's challenge, if you choose to accept it, is 100 burpees for time. And, if you can stomach that... you may be able to handle some ramblings too.

     Well, something caught my eye while seeing the news go by while at work. Actually, it was a question: "what empowers you?" That got me thinking (as it was a question), does my fitness empower me?

     Answer... a definite, YES! I don't think I could say that without my journy through the CrossFit battlefield. I know that if had to sprint and then work my ass off... I could do it (huge benefit to military life). I know that I can push through pain, when every muscle burns and my hands are torn to shreds. I know that I am competitive in the gym, and that makes me hungry for life. My fitness makes me ready for any challenge I may face.

     I think it you may hear that same type of things from fellow CrossFitters. Not that women aren't strong, but how many imagine doing 100 pullups in a workout before CrossFit? How many people that used to be deconditioned can now think of themselves as an athlete? How many CF addicts call their time in the gym one of the best parts of their day?

     I don't want to speak for everyone. I'm just saying what I feel and what I've seen. What are your thought? Does your fitness empower you? Post to comments below, along with your 100 burpees for time. So stay positive, be better... and do burpees (lots of them)!

"Just knowon the inside that you won't quit. That's it. There is nothing else. Shaespeare said, 'To thinke own self be true'. I don't know what the @*$% he meant by that, but just don't quit on yourself. It's worth it. The juice is worth the squeeze. I assure you"
     - Forrest Griffin (UFC Champ)

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's Training:

Wendler Program "Big but Boring"
Deadlift 3 x 5
285 lbs (65%)
325 lbs (75%) felt REALLY easy
370 lbs (85%) 7 reps... left some DNA on the bar

225 lbs x 5 x 10
Wish I had a place to use my bands. That weight just flew up and down. Rested 60 seconds between efforts

Day 100 Burpee Challenge / 5050 Burpees Total
Time - 5:08
I was flying! Blew through first 60, slowed a bit up to 80, then turned the gas back on!



  1. 225x5x10. Help me out with this notation. You did 225x5, rested, then hit the same weight for 10?

  2. No worries, it goe's like this:

    weight x sets x reps

    So 225 lbs for 5 set, 10 reps per set and just 60 sec rest between sets.

    Does that clear it up? And looking forward to see that 100 burpee WOD time. Go and crush it man!