Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ritualistic WODing

     "Good morning my neighbors!" ... "Yes, %$# you too!" Ah, nothing like a good Coming to America refernce to start the day off. Welcome back folks, so glad you joined us on today's ramble. Good stuff, as usual, coming your way... and I don't just mean the CrossFit Games. Alrighty, so lets dive right in.

     Ok, so since I started the Wendler Program (See below) I am really trying to make the most about it. So, yesterday started off with squatting (everyone's favorite). Now, I've noticed something about my preparation that goes into a nice heavy squat. It is as follows:

     Once the bar is loaded to the desired weight I take a few moments to set myself in front of the bar. Next I set my hands on the bar, and then I lay my forehead against the knarling in the middle. This may sound weird, but I'm visualizing in my head completing every rep. I think how each will look, and how it will feel. Lastly I raise my head and slam the bar against the rack and immediately get under the bar into a good high bar position. I'm not disrespecting the equipment, but I find slamming the weight puts the thought into my head that the weight is light. Finally un-rack the weight... and make the &%$ing lift!

     I think I went into far much description over the squat. I just want to show you the importance about getting into the right mindset for a lift. Look at videos of some of the top powerlifters of the top weightlifters out there. Many have a ritualistic approach to a heavy load. Like Coach B says," what do you tell a lifter that makes a lift with a slightly odd form?... you tell him, good job!"

     This doesn't only apply to just heavy loads, we also see this pre-WOD or maybe even during the WOD. Some people just like to have a lucky bandana, others stop their feet before adressing the bar. But, its really hard to knock something that works.

     What have you got, audience? Do you have some crazy foot manuever you must do before a deadlift? Do you like to do the hokey pokey before you swing the kettlebell? Nothing wrong with that, but I'd like to hear that I'm not the only strange one out there. So hit the WOD, pay attention to recovery... and do burpees!

Crossfit Mt. Adams from Sheer Madness Productions on Vimeo.

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's Training:

Wendler Program "Big but Boring"
Squat 3 x 5
- 180 lbs (65%)
- 205 lbs (75%)
- 235 lbs (85%) [new 5RM]

140 lbs x 5 x 10 sumo box squats with red bands

So, like I said, I got the 5/3/1 Program going on. All you do is plug in the numbers of your recent 1 RM (if its not recent take off 10 lbs for safety) and do the movement. The very last set should be an AMRAP. So, if it says 5 reps try to get as many as possible your last set. In my case yesterday I could just hit the 5, which is fine.

Now, the "Big but Boring" part is the ligter weight and higher weight at the end. For this I try to incoperate my jump stretch band for extra tension at the top. Since the weight is light, speed is key to this movement.

If you guys want some more info I have an entire book from Wendler and he has a lot of different programs. All good stuff!

Day 96 Burpee Challenge / 4656 Burpees Total
Counting down to the 100 burpee for time!



  1. A fresh song on the speakers is mandatory before a serious lift. Many foots stomps follow, and I scream as loud as I can. This alone sends chills down my spine and has me feeling 3 seconds from a fight. Foot stomps...a ton of them. Tuck jumps with a big stomp. This not only gets me stoked, but does a great job at waking up my muscles. If the box were mine, I would definitely knock unused squat racks over before the lift. I still develop that type of rage before my big lifts though. It all looks dramatic and silly, but you gotta do what you gotta do to get yourself mentally there. The biggest challenge is a mental one.

  2. First of all it begins with the fancy socks. If people are not judging you by the socks you are wearing then they are not good heavy lifting socks. Then I proceed to do a happy feet like thing once under the bar. I get it set, tap me feet all over then move the weight. Simple as that. Maybe a few crazy natured yells/screams with each passing rep.