Monday, July 4, 2011


     Good morning again everyone! I'm back again, for the time being. This was a long trip with little sleep, bad food and few WODs. I still got some work in and made use of a tire... always fun stuff! Anywho, I'll leave my boring ol' work behind me, and get to rambling.

     So, I've been catching up on my CrossFit Games happening since I've been back. I'll tell you what I have noticed that is saturating these videos and stories... the strong sense of community that CrossFit brings to the table!

     As a sport, CrossFit has some of the most beastly and inhuman athletes in the world. But what is missing from these WOD machines? Three simple letters: EGO!!! CrossFit breeds a superhuman community of humble individuals. Have you ever experienced cheering someone one mid-WOD? How about watching competitions and local throwdowns and see people that just creamed the WOD are staggering around and cheering fellow competitors on? I mean, would you ever think you would see Lebron James congratulate Shaq for dunking on him? ... I doubt it.

     I believe it is because we all suffer together. No matter what the WOD, it will still destroy everyone. Maybe that's why we push so hard, and push each other so hard. It's because we're all in this together. Every ripped palm and trip to the puke bucket is because of the people around us, making us wanted to be a better CrossFitter.

     That's just this authors opinion though. What do you think makes CrossFit so different? Why do you think we're all so crazy? What drives us to be such a strong community? Looking forward to some heartfelt responses. So push yourself, cheer your fellow WOD partner... and do burpees!

Paradiso Crossfit from WOD Gear on Vimeo.

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's training:

Travel/Rest Day

Day 80 Burpee Challenge / 3240 Burpees Total


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  1. Welcome back Ramblin Man! Happy 4th of July, and thank you for your service!