Thursday, July 28, 2011

... They're Here...

     Ok, so the title of today's ramble is a refernce to the movie Poltergeist, but today is about something far far scarier. That's right peeps, the frist events for the CrossFit Games have been announced!!! Ramble on (kinda like "Flame on")!

     We have one more day till the start of the 2011 CrossFit Games, and the first events for the teams and individuals have been thrown on the competitors like a 3 pood kettlebell. The Masters Events for the Games have already been announced, and they are just as epic! Take a look on the CrossFit Games website for all of that. So, let's look at the first WOD that the teams are getting ready to destroy:

For time:
Move 15 Sandbags (1,700) pounds 20 yards

     Sounds cake, right?... wrong! First off, look at that number. It's an average of 115lb per bag. Just a hunch, they probably have different sizes to move, but still. So, let's assume we have different weighted sandbags, it's only 200 yards, right?... wrong again. There are 6 log obsticles at the 50 yard line, followed by a 4 foot wall at, what I can assume, will be the 100 yard line. But wait, that yardage is 100 too short, isn't it?.... Right! Once all the bags are over the 4 foot wall, the team will have to move all of them back to they're original spots. Easy to reset between heats... but hell on the athletes!

     What an awesome event! It's remenicent of the individual snadbag/wheelbarrow WOD from last year and the final event for the team competition as well. What's awesome is, not a whole lot of skill involved. What this is going to come down to is brute force and a little bit of strategy on which bags to move. The only thing that hasn't bee stated is how many people will complete this. Usually team events consist of 2 men and 2 women. But last year we saw an event include all 6 athletes. It's going to be awesome to watch!

     On to the individual WOD... if you are of weak stomach, be warned:

For Time:
- 210 meter ocean swim
- 1,500 meter run (in soft sand)
- 50 chest-to-bar pullups
- 100 hand-release pushups
- 200 squats
- 1,500 meter run (in soft sand)

     Can you say: "HOLY @#$%!!!" What an epic first WOD to kick off the Games! There has been so much talk and speculation on whether or not swimming will be included... there's your answer. This is one long grind! An ocean swim followed by almost a mile run, followed by a mini-Murph and another sub mile run. Good lord!

     What I do like, is that the swim may be the shortest part of this WOD (depending on how fast you are at pullups). I have had to do ocean swims before, and it's no picnic. You're battling incoming waves, and you're fighting to stay in a straight line, it's tough! But, not long enough to be dangerous. If the athlete is efficient in the water, then they will not be super taxed in the rest. If you're like some athletes who learned how to swim 5 months ago, yikes (not kidding, one athlete JUST learned how to swim). Some athletes have reported that they actually hired swimming coaches to help prepare for the just in case. Those lucky athletes must be giving themselves the biggest huge right now, cause that could pay off.

     So there you have it folks, the Games are about to begin. For the individuals, this is one event out of 10... so there's a lot left to go. If you're in Cali, then the first individual event is going down at Santa Monica Beach. Obviously it's a free spectating event. For the rest of us, we can watch the Games live online. You know I'll be tuned in all weekend long (so no sleep for me). So master the stroke, be the best... and do burpees!

Quick shout out to CrossFit LA. These guys finished the Open in 30th place, which was the final qualifying spot to go onto the regionals. There they finished in 3rd place and got their ticket to the games. Such a cool story, it'll be fun to watch them.

Believe. TEAM CFLA. Crossfit Games 2011. from Todd Spradlin on Vimeo.

3,2,1 GO!

Yesteday's Training:

Wendler Program "Big but Boring"
Push Press 3 x 5
120 lbs (65%)
140 lbs (75%)
160 lbs (85%) 4 out of 5

95 lbs x 5 x 10
I was a little upset about my last Push Press, I just couldn't get that last one up. I'm trying to do and explosive drive with my hips to get the bar overhead, and I literally have people walking under my bar while it's overhead. That's just bad form! I was getting really upset, not visually, but a fire was burning inside... So I took the agression out on something else...

Deadlift 1 RM 445lbs (10lb PR)
Really I had planned to work up to 405 and just pull that a few times. Once I got there it felt SUPER easy. After making 425 just float up... I figured I'll see how 445 felt. Its wasn't "easy" but, there was no grind on the way up, and never stopped. After that lift I finally had a smile on my face.

Weighted situps 90 lbs x 3 x 15
Really loving cashing out my strength days with these. I know I need to have a nice strong core to make these lifts, so what better way.

Day 104 Burpee Callenge / 5460 Burpees Total


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