Saturday, July 23, 2011


     Good morning folks! Nothing like a day off from work and heavy deadlifts to get you going... albiet now I'm just doing laundry. But hey... you can't WOD in stinky shorts! Now that I have successfully pointed out the obvious to everyone, let's ramble.

     I think you all know by now, that I LOVE CrossFit. And, if you didn't know that I really wonder why you perv this blog. Anyway, as much as I love this program and community, I cannot walk blind through the CF banter. I find myself reading the "I hate CrossFit" or "CrossFit is stupid" camp. I want to see both sides, and why there is all this hate over a fitness program.

     I think, this can be summed up into a few different catagories. First, it's the "I hate CrossFit" or "CrossFit sucks!!!".... Alright, why? I found that there are some over zealous purists that just hate what we do. Powerlifters that scoff at our puny comparative Deadlifts. Olympic Weightlifters that cringe when we do Isabel and Grace (though I kind of do too). Or, just your average bodybuilder that can't understand a sub 5 minute workout (there's no "pump"). They see this as we're destroying form, or not being true to their type of training. Sometimes, it's understandable. I read comments from CrossFitters that are just as nasty trying to defend their sport. Moral of the story: ignore the hate... just train.

     Also, we have a group that dislikes the training and, more or less, safety of what we do. In reality, is everything we do safe? No, not at all. Some max effort attempt look down right distrubring. I know I know, this gets brought up a lot, but uber high volume of olympic lifts can be quite the hazard... especially when there's slack form involved. So, I can somewhat agree with things these folks are say, I just don't like the execution. Instead of an outsider mocking what we do, why doesn't he/she offer some helpful advice. And, if they do, we have to be humble enough to listen.

     Look, people like what CrossFit is about, and people don't like what CrossFit is all about. I think that CF brought proper squat depth back into mainstream. I am overjoyed when someone goes ass to ankles! Also, CF is getting people a lot more interested into Powerlifting and Olympic lifting. I am realistic that we will not produce World Record holders (our training is too varied for that). The point I'm trying to make, is there's now a lot of local Power and Weightlifting competitions held at CrossFit gyms... and that's awesome. Every once in a while I run into a CrossFit that is just as... "opinionated" about his or her fitness that there is nothing else. All I'm saying is whether you're a CrossFitter, Powerlifter, Weightlifter, Martial Artist... at least we're not doing P90X.

     So stay humble, like I know you all are. Learn to be a better CrossFitter, and a fitter all around person. Keep doing what works and ditch what doesn't. Let me know what you guys have seen. Post any "Hate" you've seen spread at CrossFit (whether in person or through the inter-web). It's always interested to hear from the other side of the fence. So like I said, ignore the hate, just train... and do burpees!

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's Training:

3 Rounds
50 Double-Unders
21 Med Ball Cleans #30
12 Pullups
90 sec rest
Round 1 - 2:10
Round 2 - 2:14
Round 3 - 2:04
I like this type of training that puts rest in the middle of rounds, it forces you to stay at +90% every round. That 30 lb med ball sucks! And the bar is only 18 inches from the wall... so very little kipping.

Day 99 Burpee Challenge / 4950 Burpee Total
Alright folks, tomorrow is 100 burpees for time... where we will also cross into over 5000 Burpees!!! Post times in comments tomorrow.



  1. The video that popped up after the weightlifting one was Arnold and Lou. I was intrigued enough to watch it. It made me realize how much certain people live and breath what really gets them off. If a person's passion is BB, then so be it. I will support them if they are devoted to the point of sickness. I don't give a damn if it's yoga, BB'ing or Weightlifting or powerlifting or sumo wrestling. I like seeing people attack and accomplish whatever their goals are. It's a mindset.

  2. Exactly man... let's all get along!