Saturday, July 30, 2011


     I have three words for you: O-M-G!!! The 2011 CrossFit Games have one day in the books, and wow is all I can say. We saw a lot of competitor not make it past the gatekeeper... the very first WOD. Today, let's say, "outstanding effort" to these legit WOD-crushing athletes.

Rob Orlando: The big man at last year's Games
      Hopeful, and all around super strong-ass dude, Rob Orlando is out of the competition in the frist WOD. The former strongman was like a rock in the water. Sad to see something like that happen to such a contender. However, in true spirit of competition, he is still competing in the events, regarless of not being able to move on after WOD 5.

Mikko, the 2009 champ

     Here's something no one could fathom. The human freight train, Mikko Salo, is out of the competiton as well. He finished the first WOD, threw up his He-Man breakfast and had to be looked over by the medics. I was so suprised to see something like this happen.

Deb, showing she may struggle... but she'll get back up
     The first WOD not only knocked out some strong women, but some female hopefuls podiums dreams were dashed as well. Deborah Cordner was the first to DNF on the women's side. She should hold her head high, she made it to the "Big Show" despite being diagnosed with Lymphedema in her left leg. She will always be a competitor.

Iceland will continue to field exceptional athletes, like Helga

    Lastly, we see the loss of one last female Helga Torfadottir. The Icelandic belle could not handle the swim. No doubt the former handball player has the fire to come back again next year, ready for anything

     It's a shame to see these guys and gals go. It goes to show how prepared you have to be in CrossFit. I'm not saying these athletes were ill-prepared or got to the Games by a fluke. Sometimes you're dealt a crap hand (like drawing the instruction card when playing poker). I really hope this doesn't discorage these folks, they're work is inspiring. So keep watching, root for your team... and do burpees!

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's Training:

Wendler Program "Big but Boring"
Squat 3 x 3
190 lbs (70%)
220 lbs (80%)
250 lbs (90%) Got 2 out of 3, I was doing low-bar backsquat and it started to slide, so I had to rack it.

Sumo Box Squat 150 lbs x 5 x 8 with red bands
My Squat, Bench, Push Pr-... everything beside my Deadlift, has really felt like a struggle. I'm looking at my strength program, and seeing what works for me. Then I realized something. I was hitting PRs when I was hitting heavy lifts, and throwing in dynamic effort. In the quest for future PRs I switched to Wendler's Program. But here's the thing... why didn't I just stick with the system that I was hitting PRs with?! This is an obvious one, but if it's not broke don't fix it. I think this coming week I'm switching back.

Weighted Situps 95 lbs x 3 x 16
Like the song says... it hurts so good

Day 106 Burpee Challenge / 5671 Burpees Total



  1. I like the experimentation with various strength programs. Without this, you would never have any ground to stand on in terms of experience. Remember, an expert is someone who has made all the mistakes possible within a narrow given field. Going to CrossFit South City later today to watch the games after I run the WOD in the Park for my fellow paleo wingnuts. I have about 10 people doing the Whole30 challenge with me this month. Be cool to see some nonCrossFit/nonpaleo people do it, but hey...

  2. Very true. I make plenty in mistakes, I just strive to make them on myself and not on the classes I coach. I'll beat myself up first to deliver a product that works.

    I'd love to be in the paleo challenge with you. Unfortunately... I'm rather limited on choices.