Friday, July 22, 2011

Top Ten!

     Sorry folks, yesterday got to be an uber busy day. Poor excuse, I know, but I'm out saving lives... so rambling had to be pushed back a day. Anyway, here I am again, and I'm ready to throw down! Today I just have some fun in store for you today.

     So, I've done this before, but I have some new ones for you... it's the: Top ten Reasons you Know Your Addicted to CrossFit:

10. CrossFit Mainsite or your local CrossFit gym is your homepage.

9. You do a pistol when you get up or sit down in any chair.

8. You buy a nail file only to prevent your callouses from ripping

7. You get offended when someone offers you a bagel.

6. You go to Home Depot to buy workout and mobility gear.

5. You own half a dozen lacross balls... but have never played.

4. You're head turns and you get worried anytime you hear someone count down from 3.

3. You know that you must Clean it before you Jerk it (and that sentence doesn't sound odd at all)

2. You have marked on your calender that the CrossFit Games are one week away!

And... the number 1 reason you know you're addicted to CrossFit is:

1. Your husband/wife is excited that you say that your going to Clean... then realizes that you're just going to work on your Olympic Lifting (Epic win: he/she joins you)

     Hope you enjoyed that folks. Let's hear what you got. Post why you're addicted to CrossFit in the comments... and do burpees!

"The lazy never started, and the weak died along the way"
     - Viking saying

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's Training:

Wendler Program "Big but Boring"
Bench Press 3 x 5
135 lbs (65%)
150 lbs (75%)
170 lbs (85%)
No PR, and I didn't feel that great with that. It's been a long time since I Bench Pressed. I know this doesn't fit into the CF "Functional Movement" model, btu I think there's a lot of carry over with this.

100 lbs x 5 x 10 with red band
Next time I'm going to use the lighter band... &^%$ ego!

Day before Yesterday's Training:

15 min AMRAP
1 Handstand Pushup
1 Strict Pullup
1 Kettlebell Swing 25kgs
3 Strict Pullup
5 Strict Pullup
Rounds: 5
The name of this game, was Handstand Pushups! That was 45 HSPU in 15 minutes, with more shoulder pummeling added in. This was tough! For some reason my low back was hurting, this is obviously due to a break down in form in the later rounds... I really need to clean that up. But, I'm happy with this WOD.

Day 98 Burpee Challenge / 4851 Burpees Challenge



  1. You know you're addicted to CrossFit when people ask if you work out, and you can't answer without using a whiteboard.

  2. I still enjoy the one you told me the other day.... I'm just not sure its appropriate:)

  3. You don't need to clean it before you jerk it. =) I do get heart arrhythmias upon hearing a 3-2-1 countdown, though.