Monday, August 29, 2011

Stretch... but which one?

     Morning folks. Another day, another ramble. After this prepare for a few missing ones. Heading out on one of my last trips, so bear with me. Also, Libbie and Andrew, I'll have an answer for the both of you on yesterday's blog soon... just bare with me. Anyway, let's worry about today.

     So, I was reading an interesting comparison of Dynamic vs. Static stretching. Before you ask, static stretching is simply holding a position for 10 to 30 second. Dynamic stretching is moving through a stretch, and not holding a certain position. Down the line you've probably done one or both of these things. Oddly enough, the article I read spoke about the negative effect of static stretching, and the positive effects of dynamic stretching. Both of these types of stretching being done pre-workout.

Static Stretch

     The most widely used stretch in school gym and globo gyms around the world. Some may not realize that there is a negative effect to this type. It has been shown to reduce maximal strength, pressing power, muscular endurance, sprinting and jump height. Yea... but why? Muscle and tissue surrounding it have a begining level of stifness. The stiffer the muscle, the better it can be used. So, when you stretch staticly you are placing stress on the muscle, which will result in "lengthening" of the muscle. Make sense? Stiff muscle good!

     Like I said before, this is in relation to pre-workout stretching. Chronic static stretching is a positive way to for increasing flexibility. This means that you are doing routines of static stretching and nothing else. Very good for morning routines or before going to bed. The detrimental effect of static stretch, which is what I spoke about above, usually last for 60 minutes.

Dynamic Stretching

     Again, this is moving through a stretch position without holding it. This type increases maximal strength and short sprints. So, for "dynamics" we are actually not placing that stress on the muscles and surrounding tissues, negating the lengthening effect. There have also been studies that show the same increase in ROM (Range of Motion) when using static or dynamic stretching. So it would seem dynamic is the way to go!


     Well, the conclusion is you make your own. Try different things. This was a rather one sided article for dynamic stretching. I'm sure I may hear some things from Libbie or Greg (hopefully I haven't screwed this up). So, make time to stretch, increase your power... and do burpees!

3,2,1 GO!

Yesterday's Training:

Rest Day
Got ready to start a Russian inspired strength program. Preparing for a Powerlifting meet at the middle of December. Still CF WODs, but done on non-stregth days. After the meet I'll be gearing back up for the CrossFit Open season.

Day 137 Burpee Challenge / 9331 Burpees Completed



  1. Just a quick question/comment. In high school in every sport I did, we always did a dynamic stretching warm up before all workouts which was nice and left me feeling good. But afterwards doing static stretches was always pushed really hard. If we didnt do our statics afterwards the coaches would drill us. Is there any greater benefit to static stretching after workouts when the muscles are already loose and fatigued, or is it best to stretch muscles that are fresh?

  2. Actually, in reading, I've found that there may be little to no effect of static stretching on increasing recovery time and preventing Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS).

    Remember, the static stretching lengthens the muscles and tissues, which produces less force.

    It seems the best way to utilize static stretching is as an alone as its own session. Like I said, first thing in the morning or in the evening and build yourself a chronic stretching session.

    When I get back I hope to ramble a bit about post-workout stretching, as this is mainly geared toward pre-workout stretching.

    I hope this answers your question.

  3. Thanks Frosh, You are my go to encyclopedia man.

  4. I aim to please.

    Just curious, what kind of numbers are you hitting? Like: CFT, Fran, Helen and Filthy Fifty?

  5. Thanks. For CFT I am at 780, Fran is 4:57, Helen is 8:21, Filthy Fifty is 21:03, Annie is 6:23, 500m row is 1:30, 1000m row is 3:18, Max Pull Ups is 32, Max DU is 76, C&J is 180, Snatch is 140. Thats about all that I can think of. I had a great start to summer with great training, but I guess I overtrained a lot because I became riddle with injuries. I havent done any sort of leg workouts for a while including rowing. I havent been able to run for about 3 weeks so I have been swimming but still just losing my edge. I did my first competition in August and loved it. I am really trying to go easy now to get over all these nagging injuries to get back on the serious training and running again because I have hated it.

  6. "Andrew D" is that you in the comments on the CFFB site on today's wod?

  7. oops, nevermind. It says Andrew T., not Andrew D.

  8. Strong work Andrew!

    Don't let that overtraining get the best of you. Remember, we don't get stronger by our workouts, we get stronger by resting from our workouts. If need be just slow down, drop the weight and really lock in that form. Hell, just do a workout without the clock, being very deliberate on your movements. Sometimes we have to take a step back to gain momentum.

    Keep at it man, and you'll make progress for years to come.